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I love me some Wes Anderson, and yes I do love me some X-Men but I never thought of peanut butter and jellying the two.

But I’m not filmmaker Patrick Willems, and thankfully he had the idea to see Anderson’s aesthetic with the Children of the Atom.

Check out the video below!

This was so much fun.

I appreciate the fact that Willems doesn’t go the easy route with this style parody.  For example, he doesn’t try to have Cyclops talk like Owen Wilson. (Though Jean Grey clearly echos Margot Tenebaum, but that’s ok and I really dug that too.) While there are one or two scenes that are direct nods to Anderson’s film, this video isn’t reliant on doing only recreating scenes from Wes’s movies. He tries really hard to get nail Anderson’s tastes in shots, music and dialogue and I think he got it pretty close.

I love the models that were used in this video, but I specifically love the Danger Room and the effects they used in that bit.

This was cool and this was charming…much like a Wes Anderson film.

If you liked this video check out Willem’s Youtube channel HERE to see more cool comic book comedy videos and more!

Oh…and yeah, those jump suits…they are SUPER neat.

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