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It’s interesting to think that this film has had so much controversy surrounding it.  It’s not just the fact that they are redoing a classic film, but to make the whole cast women was enough for people (jerks I might say) get all mad about the film.

But, we are in the current state of Hollywood in which EVERYTHING is a franchise and a redo.

The original Ghostbusters is flat out one of my favorite films of all time. It’s pretty damn perfect. Of course I wanted another installment in the series, and of course the installment I wanted was a reunion of the original cast.

Sadly, with passing of the great Harold Ramis back in 2014, that movie won’t be made. Sure, you could have done the film with out him….but why?

And if Hollywood (Sony Pictures to be exact) really truly wanted to make a new thing out of Ghostbusters, then at least with the talent involved with this new one, I feel they are on the right track.

Director Paul Fieg is a solid filmmaker who has been getting better with each film he’s been making since Bridesmaid. Writer Katie Dippold has done some solid work on Parks and Recreation and as the writer of the Fieg directed film The Heat. And this cast…just great. When used well Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy can kill (and since Fieg is pretty much the only director to figure out how to use McCarthy then we’re in good shape here.) I love that they are also giving new comers Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones a real big shot in the film. Hell, Wigg, McKinnon and Jones even keeps it in the SNL family since original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd were also formerly from the legendary late night sketch show. Add to the fact that the surviving cast members of the original film will all make an appearance (well everyone but Rick Moranis) to give their blessing, I can’t help but feel pretty excited for this.

This is all promising…but I need to watch a trailer to see if this is gonna work out.

Oh look, there’s a trailer now…..

I first wanna bring up the fact that the trailer actually addresses the original film as history. Interesting. For a while I’ve assumed the film was just simply a redo/remake but that opening of the trailer implies that could this actually be a continuation? Not sure yet and for all I know that was there for marketing as a way to ease folks into getting with the cast.

If I can be honest, there is nothing really laugh loud funny in the trailer, and that does concern me but I’m willing to be patient. I will say nothing in the trailer is UNfunny, so take that for what it is. I did laugh. Oh, and it seems like from just this trailer that Kate McKinnon’s character is already my favorite new Ghostbuster.

But don’t think I’m already losing hope. FAR from it. There seems to be a TON of really awesome ghost action in this movie, and I’m digging the badass looking ghost catching gear the gang has. The ghost themselves look great! They definitely echo the original ghost designs from the first film. Oh and hey look….


That’s right folks, SLIMER IS BACK!!

I also hope that composer Theodore Shapiro uses the original films famous theme song the way it’s used in this trailer, as I love how they made that Ray Parker Jr. tune into a fun motif. It wouldn’t hurt the new film to embrace that synth the way this trailer does.

While I’m not saying this trailer is a slam dunk, I haven’t lose faith yet. So far, I’m down. And hey, it’s actually pretty damn awesome that we’re going to see some really bad ass women fight some ghost this summer and look cool doing it. That is something to be excited for, no doubt.

GHOSTBUSTERS will be out in theaters July 15, 2016.

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