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There are few movie stars that I love with all my being.  Its hard to walk that line.  But for Lucas Lee?  He kind of just skates right on that edge.

Lucas Lee 0200


Now, he could have just stayed in the skating world, and I would never knew he existed except for moments of googling Lords of Dogtown.  Sure, he’s a good looking dude, but whatever.  He’s only the greatest actor of our time and probably a hundred years ago during Shakespeare and crap!

So anyway, I watched a Lucas Lee movie… and I liked it.  Wait.  No, that’ wrong.  Because I actually loved it!  It was all I could ever hope for!

"Spencer Jay is Awesome. You're Welcome."
“Spencer Jay is Awesome. You’re Welcome.”


To say this movie is a fantastic concept is putting it mildly.  I mean… Clones?  LUCAS LEE clones?  Uh, yeah, I’ll buy a thousand tickets till forever, thank you!  It made way more money than the first “The Game Is Over.”  So thanks to Lee’s eyebrows, he went and made the blockbuster sequel to his debut action movie:

"One Good Cop...Is Finished...Fooling Around...Again"
“One Good Cop…Is Finished…Fooling Around…Again”


Okay, this movie was insane.  I think I had a joy seizure.  Maybe fifteen of them.  The bazooka fight was everything I could have hoped for.  And its good to see such a weird character actor like Paul Rapovski get some actual big paycheck money.  I personally didn’t understand why we needed to know he was a failed mime that wanted revenge on Lucas Lee’s character.  Either way, my boy Lucas took that weird storyline and made gold with it: “For a former mime, you don’t know when to SHUT. *punches villain with chainsaw shotgun* UP. *explosion*”  God, SOOO GOOOD!!


"The good news is that you're going to live... the bad news is that he's going to kill you!"
“The good news is that you’re going to live… the bad news is that he’s going to kill you!”


I LOVE this movie.  Not kidding.  I thought I’d would be blown away and then I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!  Who knew Edgar Wright had such a passion for this project?  And the defibrillator fight was epic, yet meant so much to the story.   Lucas Lee made every scene of saving lives just as important and dramatic as every scene he killed or mutilated someone.  This movie wasn’t just action, it was a thinker.  A frank discussion about the value of life and who’s gonna get their ass kicked/killed.


"Kiss me. I'm dying."
“Kiss me. I’m dying.”


So Lucas Lee decided the haters needed to know he didn’t just do amazing action movies.  He decided to legitimately act.  He legitimately rocked all their faces.  And mine.  Every face was rocked by his performance of a handsome man with cancer who never had a chance to love.  Not even mentioning the love scene on his death bed… Me.  Crying everywhere.


"Cole Hazard Just Got a Call Saying He Has 89 Minutes To Live... From HIMSELF"
“Cole Hazard Just Got a Call Saying He Has 89 Minutes To Live… From HIMSELF”


This is a cinematic masterpiece!  The stuff of legend, and how kings regain their crowns.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at a snippet of intense acting!



This was incredible.  And though it flopped in the box office, that’s probably because of all the haters.  Stupid haters!  I hate YOU!  How does that feel?  How could you not love this movie after he was revealed to be the hero AND the villain and then vice versa but not?!  Well my brother Lucas showed them what’s what when he got to be Captain America!


"Nazi? We'll See"
“Nazi? We’ll See”


Some people kept going on and on about “one note” and “racially divisive” and how it shouldn’t have had “so much unnecessary cussing and gratuitous violence.”  To those people I say SHUT UP AMERICA NUMBER ONE you’re all against freedom!




I didn’t get it.




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