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Hey guys! Yep, I’m on another podcast this week!  This time I am a guest on the geek trivia podcast, Super Geek Supreme.

Here’s their description of their show from their site!


“Straight out of a muggle quidditch team (no, like, for real.), Roxanne & Justin are a couple of self-proclaimed geeks that want to take their love of nerd fandom, pub trivia, & competition to form this off-the-wall geek trivia podcast!

Every episode focuses on a different aspect of geekdom, including comics, movies, tv, games, etc., and will bring along a self-proclaimed expert/super fan (the “End Boss”) who will put your host to the test as they get quizzed on their knowledge.  They may or may not have had previous knowledge on the topic (or even a fan at all!), but they’ve got only 2 weeks to cram on the subject in order to be crowned SUPER GEEK SUPREME!!”

They asked me to be their Marvel Cinematic Universe End Boss, and due to how much I do write on that subject I feel that’s appropriate.


This was a lot of fun to record. If you wanna know our thoughts on which Harry Potter house the members of the Avengers would be in, or hear one of us awkwardly sing the Captain America USO song, The Star Spangled Man (psss….it was me.) give this a listen and see how well you do with my questions.

Check out the episode HERE! Go subscribe to them on iTunes, and please rate!

And check out their official website right HERE!

NOTE: I made a mistake on this episode though. I thought the Jackson 5 song that was in Guardians of the Galaxy was ABC,  but we realized that a day after we recorded it was I Want You Back.

…so clearly, I FAILED at being a super fan.

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