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Even the greats have to make mistakes. Otherwise, how else would they get better?  They have to make the choices that they thought were good at the time and learn and see how wrong they were. They have learn how to be humble with their craft after being so successful.

Basically, every filmmaker has to have their 1941.

It’s bound to happen to everyone great director. They make that first film that doesn’t connect and just doesn’t work (and like I said in this weeks Looking Ahead, it sadly seems like Brad Birds Tomorrowland might be that film for him.)

Now I know 1941 has it’s fans. Every film that has a reputation as bad as 1941 eventually finds an audience. And since comedy is so damn subjective, it’s easy to understand how someone could find 1941 hilarious.

I just wish I did.

Listen to the whole episode to hear why I didn’t think the film doesn’t work for me, but once again, it’s a fun listen.

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