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Today is the first day of the epic geekry of the San Diego Comic Con (yes, I know, Wednesday is TECHNICALLY still Preview night, but preview night is as packed as Saturday. So no, Wednesday is officially the first day of Con.)


Three Agents will be attending this year. Me (Justin), Agent Nate and Agent Patrick.

We plan on having fun, being exhausted, and letting you guys in the know if anything amazing and cool is announced if you can’t attend.

AH! But you’re the lucky person who IS going! Fantastic! First time? Oooh boy, you are in for a treat.

But, I warn you, this is no mere event.

You have to be ready for whats to come.

So, if I may. Here is a  video that we made to get you prepped.

Written by all seven Agents of GUARD (Aaron, Earl, Denise, Bobby, Nathan, Patrick and me.) directed by me and Nathan and yes, edited by myself.

Hope this video helps! Happy Comic Con folks!



  1. You forgot an important rule if applicable! The buddy system! Someone you can hang with if you’re in a group that might get separated due to crowds! A person to make sure that you both stay hydrated and fed because while wandering those halls and reveling in free stuff TIME FLIES, a person to help keep the creepies away if you’re cosplaying! This video is great by the way 😀

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