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Greetings, GUARDians!  If y’all haven’t heard of CommuniCon, it’s a Los Angeles-based, fan convention for the awesomely awesome NBC show, Community.

And this time around, I’ve volunteered to help out!

You’re probably wondering what happened to the entry from Day 1.  Well, I couldn’t make it. So, that doesn’t exist.


10:43 AM – Sitting in the front of the room, waiting to be runner for the roving mic during the Inspector Spacetime Q&A.


10:54am – Inspector Spacetime.

11:14am – Inspector Spacetime prequel episode! Mayim Bialik.

11:50am – Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne devs making an inspector spacetime game

12:48pm – lunch.

1:07pm – Registration table.

1:18pm – Just realized that I went to lunch at the wrong time, and I missed the Journey to the Center of Hawthorne panel. Good job, Agent Me.

1:50am – Chill in by the artist alley. Mr. Howard Shum and Victor Perfecto.

Thanks Howard for listening to me bitch about having to pay for an Improv 101 class.

1:58am – Yehudi Mercado and his awesome stuff, plus the woman next to him that doesn’t look too pleased with me taking pictures.

2:05pm – Never mind. She’s totally awesome and super sweet cuz she liked my nerdy shirt.

2:15pm – Inspector Spacetime cast/crewpeoples.

2:25pm – The Harmon is here. McKenna is here. Panel begins now.

2:42pm – Harmon says the Erik Simmers episode is the one to watch in season 5.

2:57pm – On Britta’s intellectual regression: “You’re going to love the new Britta. She’s 2014 compliant.”

3:14pm – New character(s) in season 5?

3:48pm – Episode 501 a “re-piloting.” They’re just figuring how to get everyone back to Greendale.

5:06pm – Dan Harmon. Burger King crown. Starburns cosplay.

5:27pm – I’m on a mission to give Dan Harmon a couple of free Chick-fil-a coupons I found in my bag.

5:57pm – Successfully delivered Chick-fil-a coupons to Harmon. Now, must tweet later to let him know I have no affiliation to the chain, I just found them in my bad and thought he might appreciate a chicken sandwich.

End day 2.

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