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I learned about Raiders of the Lost Ark from my brother. I saws on Jaws on HBO. I saw E.T. on tv edited showings. I never saw them when they first hit the movie theaters, and I was never there for the huge success that changed the way we saw blockbusters.

….but I was there for Jurassic Park.

We go into more details about my childhood memories on this film, but be warned….me and Matt aren’t holding back on our feelings on the film when we think it doesn’t work.

That being said, there is one thing I feel like I didn’t get to say about Jurassic Park in this episode.

I didn’t get to really give a proper props to Sam Neill in this film. He’s just damn fantastic in Jurassic Park, and looking like a real fucking bad ass hero in this movie.

And while me and Matt do talk about what didn’t work, we do praise the living hell out of it when it does work.

It also became perfect timing because pretty much one year ago we reviewed Jurassic Work  on nearly the same date.

Let me tell you right now…I’m not that kind to Jurassic World any more.

Before I give you the link to the episode lets check out the great teaser trailer to this film…..

Man…they just don’t make teaser trailers like that anymore.

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