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One year ago today, me and Matt Benson launched our first episode of our monthly Podcast, Benview on Spielberg.

We are now 15 episodes in on the show and folks, it’s been a blast! We still have WAY more movies to go, but I’m pretty proud that we’ve made it to one year.

Matt has been an amazing co-host. He’s done more than talk with me on the show. Matt helps keep the show on track while we prep for the next episode, he edits the show and uploads it,  and he maintains the Facebook and the Twitter page far better then me.

And of course, he’s just plain fun to talk to since he’s just as passionate about movies as me. Whenever we meet up for the show a good 20 minutes is used in the beginning with us just catching up and B.S,ing about movies and the last 2o minutes after an episode is just us continuing  our conversation from earlier.

Now, I have to apologize because I’m doubling up on the episodes to talk about here, so I’m sorry about that. All of November I kept meaning to post The Color Purple episode here, but for one reason or another I kept forgetting to post it.

That’s a shame because from what I’ve been told, The Color Purple episode is our best one yet. Not to pat my own back…but I think it is too.

Sure, it’s always fun when Matt and I agree and just joke around in our excitement, but when we disagree the show becomes a real good listen.

For The Color Purple episode click HERE.

After listening to that and if you want more we go back to fun with our episode about Spielberg’s Anthology show, Amazing Stories.

For the Amazing Stories episode click HERE.

OH and we give our thoughts on the teaser for Spielberg’s next, The BFG!

It’s a packed week for Benview on Spielberg, and if have been enjoying the show THANK YOU!

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