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Since Deadpool is coming out this Friday I thought, “What better way to celebrate the experience than to vomit all my favorite Deadpool moments onto the internet?”  Because being one of the few sane Deadpool fans (no he isn’t) I would be uniquely qualified (also no) to showcase the best moments that will give even the brood-iest Batman fans the giggles (that’s strike three).  The main thing to remember is that Deadpool has had a long and storied history despite the fact that everybody figured out he existed about the time the first IPhone was rolling off the production line.  That means there’s a lot of great Deadpool to choose from!  And some Deadpool that we don’t talk about.  So without further ado, here’s my list of great Deadpool moments!


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First up is “Cable vs Deadpool” or “Cable/Deadpool” or “Deadpool/Cable”, really sucks trying to find it on a bookshelf.  Anyway this was the book that truly cemented how awesome Deadpool is when he gets to play with others.  There was appearances from Spider-Man, the X-Men, Heroes for Hire, and so many more.  Plus this book is solely responsible for putting Ryan Reynolds in those spandex.  Deadpool Ryan ReynoldsLet us not forget this was the book to describe Deadpool as a cross between Ryan and a shar-pei.  And oh the sight gags!  If you haven’t read the book just look up “Deadpool Rachel Summers”… oh also there’s great fighting.  Like incredible fighting–the kind of stuff that sounds like a fever dream during a feast of LSD.  Example: Deadpool goes to fight Cable on a floating sci-fi island in the pacific and is stopped en-route by a Thor knockoff in a Walter Brimley mustache.  Look it up.


2016-02-11 17.22.14

Next up is the Daniel Way run of “Deadpool”, by far the best opening for a Deadpool book that I’ve seen.  Picture this, the Skrulls have just invaded, they’re capturing city after city, and then they stop over a baseball game only to be mocked and ridiculed by the mascot.  They can’t put up with that kind of behavior so they promptly fire the ship cannons.  Only the mascot doesn’t die, he just pulls out some guns of his own.  This is also the series that had Deadpool face off against Domino and he defeated her by dropping her into an Olympic size pool filled with pancakes.  There was a lot of moments in here that really made me stand up and cheer—which isn’t awkward when you’re just at home in your underwear!  But when Deadpool took on the Thunderbolts it was absolutely thrilling.

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Now to shake it up a bit let’s look at Rick Remender’s run on “Uncanny X-Force”.  Deadpool doesn’t traditionally work well on a team—just ask the current Avengers roster.  But low and behold this weird book of psychos and criminals was a pretty good fit.  Not only did he get to do some incredible things like fight the Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the moon and face down an army of Deathloks, he also had this weird sentimental connection with Evan, the clone of Apocalypse.  So yes there’s cool fighting, funny jokes, and also one of the best uses of the Age of Apocalypse counterparts I’ve ever seen but there’s a humanity that sometimes gets removed from Deadpool.  Like how he fed Warren back to health by cutting off chunks of his own regenerating flesh.

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So after you enjoy the movie, go back to your local comic book provider and peruse some of these classic stories.  Who knows?  Maybe this will enkindle in you a passion for the Merc With the Mouth.

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