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looking ahead super bowl

Is it a shock to find out that I’m not really a sports person? It probably isn’t, but if there was ever a reason to make me watch a game on TV, then it’s the promise of awesome food and trailers for movies I’m really excited to see. But since there was no promise of awesome food (I wasn’t planning on going to a Super Bowl party this year) I ended up just kicking back, and watching the ads as they show up on online.

It’s also not a shock to realize that pretty much every single ad this year are for movies either based on a comic, a sequel to a comic, a sequel, a spin off or just a plan ole remake. I’m sure there is a comment to be made about the lack of originality to Hollywood movies nowadays, but let’s save that talk for another time.

To be fair, there was at least ONE ad to a movie that is actually not based on any known property so why don’t we start with that….

As a kid, I got really obsessed with Egyptian mythology. There were elements about it that I always thought were cooler than the roman gods. To make a movie that is pretty much a Clash of the Titans kind of epic but with Egyptian mythology, and to have our characters wear sweet looking flying suits of armor, yeah this flick would have been my jam if I was nine. But I’m not nine any more.  Something about this movie just feels off. Be it the visual effects feeling like they are not quiet finished yet, or that the story isn’t really impressing me, or the white washing of Egypt…..again. I will always have a special place in my heart for director Alex Proyas. Both The Crow and Dark City are very influential movies to me but I’m not really that big of a fan of his films after Dark City. I feel if I end up seeing Gods of Egypt it will be as a curiosity watch on Cable or using up a movie pass  on a slow weekend.

Listen, I’m a 90’s kid…of course I loved Independence Day. It’s a big dumb movie but damn if I didn’t eat it up after multiple viewings so I do have some interest in watching the new one. But I’m a bit tired of director  Roland Emmerich’s constant destruction porn movies. I do hope the new film has some of the fun of the first movie, but with out Will Smith bringing in his charm I wonder if they got too busy to try to make this new film way too serious. That being said, I’m kinda into the idea of exploring an Earth post the Alien invasion. It makes the new movie go further in to the sci-fi world as this sequel now takes place in an alternate present to ours in which it’s a world that looks at July 4th, 1996 as a huge historical event that actually happened. This is a alternate present in which the technology from the aliens is now in use. That’s pretty neat.

When I finally got around to see the the 2014 version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  movie I was surprised how sorta watchable it ended up being. I’m not saying it was good (and it still doesn’t come close to the 1990 movie, a flick I still think is honestly really good) but the Turtles themselves were on point. By the looks of the new footage we’ve been seeing with this new installment, it seems a bit more confident in what it wants to be tonal wise. The take with the new movie is clear…just do the stuff from the cartoon show. Fair enough. Bebop and Rocksteady are FINALLY making their live action movie appearance, and this time we got our first glimpse of the technodrome and Krang in his super giant human/robot suit. God help me, but this looks like fun.

The original Bourne trilogy are some damn fine action thrillers. Truthfully, I was ready to never see Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass to make another Bourne film ever again. After a failed attempt to keep the franchise going with out Damon (the now forgotten The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner) it seems it’s time for Universal to throw ALL the money at Damon and Greengrass to make more Bourne. I was a little hesitant on the idea of making another Bourne movie…but it just hit me that the last one was actually made 9 years ago, so there has been some decent time away from the character. The footage looks damn good, and Greengrass continues to prove that he has gotten to be a masterclass director of action. My worry is that the film will be the most cash-grab-y of the Damon Bourne films. The original trilogy felt like it ended perfectly, and that Greengrass and Damon had nothing left to say with the character. But hey, maybe they came up with something that legitimately got them excited. My own disappointment? That the film is now called Jason Bourne. A very boring and lazy title, and it even breaks away the naming scheme of the original series but…perhaps that’s the point? What if that title is suppose to represent that this is not part of those Bourne movie, but the start of a new series of films. Maybe. Regardless of the title, this footage looks great and I look forward to seeing Bourne kicks some ass again.

I did a write up about his flick a few weeks ago. There isn’t a TON of new footage in this ad, but it’s still keeping me intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what kind of monster mayhem we are getting with this movie.

Remember what I said about destruction porn concerning Independence Day: Resurgence? To see the new ad campaign for the next X-Men movie focus on only that element of the movie pretty much bums me out. I wish the trailers focused more on the characters, but it seems they are more interested in showing us that stuff is blowing up. All that aside, I’m still semi-optimistic with this one, and damn if Oliva Munn’s Psylocke doesn’t look like she was straight from a Jim Lee comic.

The Jungle Book is probably my personal favorite Disney animated film (at least it’s in the top three). And this isn’t the first time Disney made a live action movie based on Rudyard Kiplings novel. In 1994 they did a very loose adaption of the book and turned it into more of a Tarzan style action film…but to be truthful I kinda dug this one when I was a kid too…

While I’m not a huge fan of Disney’s current trend to remake their classic cartoons….this is a really great trailer. The footage looks great (and it’s even more impressive once you realized that this whole movie was shot on a soundstage in Los Angeles!) and cast is great. Christopher Walken as King Louie is such a brilliant move and I can’t wait to hear more of his performance. This honestly looks great and I can’t wait to see more from it.

Now for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice they decided to be cute and make two “ads” set in the world of BVS: DoJ.

It’s strange to me to do an ad with Turkish Airlines, so ones got to assume that the company dumped a TON of money into the film. While I’m still not sure if DC/Warner Brothers attempt to play catch up with Marvel Studios works out for them, I am truly ready for this movie to come out now. Not so much in terms of excitement, but to see if they honestly pulled this movie off. It sounds like they are trying to do so much in one film, it would be impressive if they actually nailed and convinced a Nay Sayer like me.

It’s short, but sweet. Also, did you see our first glimpse of Ant-man in this movie? I mean, he’s just standing there, but hey! Look! There he is! Unlike BvS, I am legit excited for THIS superhero showdown. Again, much like BvS, they are trying to do a ton, so I hope they could pull it off. Still no signs of Spider-Man yet, but I keep hearing that he’s a BIG part of the film, so they can’t keep hiding him forever.

Hey look! It’s a movie that’s actually coming out this Friday! I think you’d already decided if you’re gonna see this movie this weekend or not. If it looks hilarious to you, and you love the character, then you’re good. If you hate the humor, hate the fourth wall breaking….I hear Zoolander No. 2 is coming out this week too. You got options. But, just so you guys know, as of now, Deadpool has a 97% fresh meter on Rotten Tomatoes.   That’s damn impressive for an R-rated comic book/comedy film that will be filled with humor for 15 year olds on Reddit. I’m pretty stoked to finally see this film myself, and this looks like the right kind of insane that I could watch right now. 

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