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The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer just had this latest fan art added to its growing list of art that it inspired!


But this inspired piece got me inspired to look behind the inspiration behind the inspiration!  (I have never used that word that many times in one sentence. Inspirational!)  The above piece is a mash-up of the Star Wars teaser trailer and the poster to the classic anime: AKIRA.



The original classic piece of art that started all this!
The original classic piece of art that started all this!


What’s so great about this piece is the simplicity and the mystery.  Its the main character.  His iconic mode of transportation.  And that’s it.  Throw in the big english text title, with some cool, bloody Japanese writing splashed over it, and you have yourself an iconic image.  Which has had many, MANY an homage made of it.  Don’t believe me?  Well, a picture is a worth a 1000 words, so these following pictures are pushing a million words.


Goku-Akira batman_akira_wp_by_artofjeprox-d7s2p73 deanakira sam_akira_parody_by_stevegibson-d77085z Neo-Tatooine-is-about-to-E.X.P.L.O.D.E gordon Prime real-hero-3-detail_54670_cached_thumb_-50ac5a62e8cecdbaefbf9be229c742d8tumblr_mygddydIBd1rz64nto8_500 vader tumblr_mx0zzpuYnW1st8ftgo4_500 akira-x-zelda-mashup-by-henrique-jardimDYHbONJAKIRA-LIVE-ACTION-OFFICIAL-POSTER akira01 85754e86203fd93710521e111020ed57 bikira-scout-cubik-billy-allison-teepublicpreviewtemplate_display tumblr_mvfy2g5iuZ1s0wboko1_500THE-RENEGADE-640x640 5ee5v4 bobakira-boba-fett-akira-fan-art-mash-up-postercloudakira_610

And because I am easily amused.
And because I am easily amused.


Whew!  Okay, that was a lot of images.  But once I went down this rabbit hole I kept finding more and more pictures.  I hope you enjoyed checking these all out, hopefully as much as I enjoyed finding them all.  Have a great Friday!



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