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Reserve Agent Sarah here, bringing you an extra-special Hearthstone mission briefing! I’ve been on radio silence about Hearthstone for a little while because I’ve been busy with other things, but there’s a lot of news coming out and I want to make sure you’re well-informed of these new pests blowing up and causing mischief in inns across Azeroth.


Goblins vs. Gnomes is a new expansion to Hearthstone that officially launches next week on December 8th, although the cards are already available for play in Arena mode! This expansion will introduce 120 shiny new cards to the deck, and can be purchased in packs, won in the Arena, or crafted with dust, just like the existing cards. Blizzard has already released information about all of the cards, and I’m sure we’ll see strategy guides and fresh wiki entries from the pros coming soon. Why Goblins and Gnomes, you ask? Because they’re fun, of course!


Goblin cards always pack an extra wallop or have something crazy going on. A few Goblin cards that we already know and love are the Mad Bomber (“Wanna blow somethin’ up?”), the Reckless Rocketeer who can charge with 5 damage, and of course the infamous Venture Co. Mercenary. The new goblin cards seem to expand on these themes with lots of crazy damage and occasional exploding bots.

Here’s one of the new goblin cards, Goblin Sapper!

Gnomes are of course the mischievous inventors of Azeroth and love to summon their crazy creations or transform other minions in play. A few much-loved existing gnome cards are the icky-feeling Leper Gnome, Gelbin Mekkatorque and his AWESOME invention, and Tinkmaster Overspark, transforming your minions into squirrels and devilsaurs like it’s his job or something. The new gnome cards look really inventive and are sure to throw a wrench into anyone’s carefully crafted deck.

Think Tink.

I’m really excited about Goblins vs. Gnomes and hope it can breathe some life back into my Hearthstone routine. I’d taken a break from playing for a while after the Naxx expansion came out because I just didn’t care for the way the game was played anymore- you pretty much HAD to play with a zoo deck strategy to stay alive and those Naxx wing bosses were really obnoxious! This expansion just has a better feel to me overall than Naxxramas did, and it sounds like there was considerable effort spent designing, testing, and listening to feedback. For more information or to get Hearthstone for free, head on over to BattleNet and get cozy by the hearth!

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