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So last week here on the blog I wrote about some of my favorite foods at Disneyland and a few things I’d like to try on my next trip, whenever I can manage to afford to go.

I was not prepared to reprise the theme so soon, but I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday when I was stopped by a BuzzFeed article about Disney-themed recipes. The article can be found here:

Now, I do not have high expectations at all for BuzzFeed articles– I love them, though fine literature they are not– but I saw some truly silly things in this one.

Seriously, guys? Is this the best we can do? Is this what it’s come to?!?! As a fellow blogger, I know things get hard sometimes….but that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel! This picture was pulled from the BuzzFeed article above.


Also taken from the BuzzFeed article, I 100% guarantee you if I tried this at home it would end up on CakeWrecks or as a Pinterest Fail.

However, one item in the list caught my eye: The “Grey Stuff” Brownie.


I didn’t really remember “the grey stuff” from Beauty and the Beast until I thought about the words to “Be Our Guest” for a good few minutes. There was indeed a line where Lumiere says to Belle “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”

In fairness, I think the grey stuff was served on a cracker or as an appetizer or something, so it is probably not cookies ‘n’ cream cool whip like this recipe indicates. But cookies and cream is probably much more appealing for a kid, and is probably a great way for kids to try new things (like grey foods, I guess.) And the grey stuff is just in a tidy blop on a brownie.

Overall, I am disappointed in the Disney-inspired foods found here and would like to continue my quest to find better ones, but I’ll also be trying out the “grey stuff” recipe as well as trying to determine if there are other grey things that might make for better “grey stuff” given the context in the movie. Pureed escargot? Food colored frosting? Mushrooms??? Stay tuned!

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