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GUARDians! Evil is afoot! Villainy waits in the shadows! A dark force gathers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Well… there should be, right? What with all the super heroes running around and all. Last week, I picked which Avengers would be joining up to assemble for Phase 4, followed by which actors I thought would bring those heroes to life. In spirit of that, I have returned to cast the opposition! If there are Avengers, then there must be… The Masters of Evil!

Okay, I will admit, it seems highly unlikely that we will keep that name exactly as it is. “The Masters OF EVIL”? That’s just way too on the nose. How about we just call them… “The Masters.” There. Good and simple. Now that that’s settled… Bring on the Bad Guys!

Played by: Christopher Meloni


Meloni is a really cool actor with some really crazy, interesting range. He can do comedy. He can do drama. And he can do weird. I would love to see him do weird, ambitious, and cunning.
The Hood is a common crook given ridiculous demonic power. Couple these new found powers with the hunger of a criminal who wants to take the entire world by storm, and you have a great new villain to challenge the Avengers with. My spin would be that the powers come at a price, and The Hood can offer power to other, equally ruthless people. He will lead The Masters with cold, power-hungry precision.

Played by: Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth-Mitchell Moonstone

Mitchell is hard to read, which made her great at being mysterious. Ramp up those elements, and she would make an incredible super powered femme fatale.
Moonstone is a master manipulator, using her mind, intuition, and beauty to make others do what she wishes. And when that fails, she can use her flight and super strength to break them. She’s the natural choice for second in command for The Masters, though she’d far too ambitious to stay in second place.

Played by: Tahmoh Peniket

tahmoh Goliath

Penikett has played good guys and bad guys, but always with a certain intensity that makes him extra interesting.
Goliath is a man who feels disrespected and cast aside. He wants the power that seems to be given out left and right, tired of feeling that others deem him unworthy. Tired of feeling small, he will use his strength and super stature to crush everyone he is envious of, which just so happens to be everyone in the Avengers.

Played by: Noah Segan

MCDDEAD EC007 TigerShark

Straight up? Segan just kinda has a creepy look to him. No offense to him, I’m sure he’s a sweet dude, but you throw some razor sharp teeth in his grill, and we got ourselves a scary cannibal dude.
Tiger Shark is a fighter and a biter. Sometimes, its cool to have a rabid dog in the fight. And he expands the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the oceans, if not just stating that Atlantis exists. Maybe Marvel can get the rights to Namor?

Played by: Gina Torres

Torres titania

Gina Torres can give you a look that let’s you know that you will break. When she’s a villain, you do not want to take her on.
Titania is a person that wants things her way. And with super strength on par with Hulk, she rarely has to ask twice. And as civilized as she can act, she really likes to fight.

Played by: Shannyn Sossamon

shannyn-sossamon Whrilwind01

Sossamon is an actress that I’ve just wanted to see be evil. I think she has a nice smile, but I bet her crazy smile is even better.
Whirldwind is a male character in the comics, but I think this character is one that can be changed around. A female Whirlwind can be just as dangerous, especially with wind powers that can turn even the smallest object into a weapon.

Played by: Adam Baldwin

baldwin wrecker

If you know me, then you know that I love Firefly. It should be obvious with my casting Gina Torres earlier, but I shall now cement that very clear bias with casting Jayne… I mean Adam Baldwin! But seriously, The Wrecker is evil Jayne. Strong, not a deep thinker, loves to fight, and is the perfect muscle for hire. The Wrecker (and the Wrecking Crew) are going to the main physical threat to The Avengers.

Played by: Chad Coleman

Coleman thunderball_by_dusty_abell

Coleman was both soulful and intimidating as Tyrese in The Walking Dead, but now I want to see him be conniving and cruel.
Thunderball is smart. Way smarter than he let’s on. He uses The Wrecker, he uses the Wrecking Crew, and he’ll use anyone else he thinks he can trick or intimidate into doing what he wants. And by “intimidate,” I mean “beat the holy crap out of.”

Played by: Ryan Hurst

hurst Piledriver_Marvel_XP

Hurst did a great job on Sons of Anarchy. Let’s see him keep up the performance of a self-destructive criminal.
Piledriver just wants money. And to beat up some Avengers.

Played by: Brad William Henke

Brad_William_Henke Bulldozer_WC_h

I’ve liked Henke in everything I’ve seen him in. And he’s an physically imposing presence, so that’s perfect for Bulldozer.
Piledriver and Bulldozer have a lot in common. They don’t make the plans. They don’t make the connections. They just break the legs and bust the skulls. And they’re good at it.

Well, there you have it! The Masters (of Evil) for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Tell me what you think! Heck, ask for any other characters and/or casting you’d like to see in future articles.



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