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So apparently the WB has been working on a Flash TV show a la “Arrow.”  They even made a back door pilot for it in Arrow where the character Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin (and may I add, an excellent portrayal) shows up for three episodes.  These episodes even gave clues to the origin story, ending with mysterious lightning and other characters saying that Allen was in a coma from an accident.

Barry Allen on Arrow.
Barry Allen on Arrow.


Well, the Flash TV show is even more closer to completion than any of us thought, because here’s an official peek at the costume!

Looking good, so far!
Looking good, so far!


I must admit, I’m very happy to see how cool and, dare I say it?  How SUPER-HEROIC this costume looks!  I mean, with how “casual wear, no big deal, kinda cool, wevs” the WB has treated the costumes in the past, I was almost thinking they would decide THIS was the costume:

I'm the Flash, bro.  I'm fast and shit.
I’m the Flash, bro. I’m fast and shit.


This upcoming Flash TV series isn’t the first time the scarlet speedster has been on the home screen.  In 1990, a Flash series starring John Wesley Shipp was on the air, but for only one season.

It didn't age that well, but still, I love it.
It didn’t age that well, but still, I love it.


And yes, I was the biggest fan of this show.  I was 7-years-old and the Flash costume was ridiculously awesome looking.  It looked way too good for TV!

Bulky, but still rad as hell.
Bulky, but still rad as hell.


These days, it looks a little TOO muscular.  But other than that, I think it still stands up.  At least this time, they cast Gustin, who looks more like a track star than a football player.  And apparently, he can sing too because he was in Glee… as a bad guy!

Maybe Barry Allen was in Glee Club in High School?
Maybe Barry Allen was in Glee Club in High School?


Interesting…  I wonder if this Flash series will have a musical episode!  …Probably not, but one can dream, right?

And one last rumor has John Wesley Shipp possibly cast in the new Flash.  Could be a villain, or a loved one, or…

JAY GARRICK?  (The original comic book Flash from the 40’s).

Shipp now...
Shipp now…
...Shipp soon?
…Shipp soon?


This would be the only super-hero show where the super-hero has a mentor with the same powers.  And Shipp looks like he’s still spry for some super-heroics.  Or at least some new, badass CGI’d super speed.

Either way, Grant Gustin alone impressed me from his guest episodes on Arrow.  Extremely likeable, slightly goofy, and charismatic.  It was a breath of fresh air in the way-too-moody Arrow, and it would be just as fun on his own series.  Please let this show be good!

And have Mark Hamill as the Trickster show up just because!

The Trickster!
The Trickster:  Not the Villain we Want, but the Villain we Deserve!

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