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NetFlix recently added From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series! I even wrote some of my advance thoughts of the show here and here (read if you feel so inclined!).  So I watched From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and developed thoughts. And feelings. A whole emotional ROYGBIV, if you will. Where does From Dusk Till Dawn fall in this spectrum? I don’t know… Violet? Orange? This intro is getting silly ON WITH THE REVIEW!



First and foremost… Was I a fan of the original movie that this entire show is based upon? Yes! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though I had a few qualms. The movie felt like to two very different films pasted together. Which was a strength and a weakness at the same time. The show… feels like THREE different things pasted together. And at times it is much more of a weakness than a strength.

Okay, what is this show? Its about… um… hold on, I got this… STUFF. Yeah, about vampires kind of. Its also about crime. And God. Its about a lot of things. The main problem with the show is that it can’t decide. So far, it seems to be about unnecessary complication. The whole series spends so much time explaining and apologizing for the Gecko Brothers. Why? Because they’re bastards. Murdering, nearly psychotic bastards. And they’re supposed to be the heroes. I’m supposed to root for them. I don’t really want to.

Zane Holtz and D.J. Cortona
Zane Holtz and D.J. Cortona


Seth Gecko, played well by D.J. Cotrona, is likeable enough as the less batcrap crazy sibling. Richie Gecko, cooly-sometimes-coldly played by Zane Holtz, is hard to like. When he’s being crazy and listening to voices, he’s barely any different from when he’s not crazy. Its hard to gauge him, which is kind of the actor’s fault. But at the same time, the show’s writing and direction isn’t helping. I found myself yelling at the entire thing in confusion and annoyance, like it was goading me:



And then there is the Fuller Family.



There’s a tragedy that is haunting them. Is it necessary? Eh, why not? Is it really a big deal for what its played up to be? Eh, you decide. For me… no. It was a bunch of miscommunication that was ultimately pointless. A lot of the character stuff feels… lackadaisical. Half-assed. And my main beef with this show is that everything is pointlessly connected. Not in a way that works or is compelling. The vampires are behind everything. And for what? Its not hinted at in the rest of the season. Or even mentioned. Its bad wannabe-Lost writing.

For a good time, call this number.  Don't watch the show, but call.
For a good time, call this number. Don’t watch the show, but call.


Okay, let me simplify my stance as this: From Dusk Till Dawn was a good movie. Short and sweet. The show… is not. And not because the concept doesn’t have legs. In fact, crime and the supernatural is a great combo! But this take on it is convoluted, confusing, and not compelling. I think the show would have worked better just set in the universe of From Dusk Till Dawn. Or with better writing. Or just with the original premise! Where a crime/hostage movie stumbles into a supernatural monster movie!

I don’t think I’ll be watching the possible second season… unless I hear the show is better.



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