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Episode 11

Written by:  Paul Zbyszewski & Brent Fletcher

Directed by: Kevin Hooks


Plot: Coulson uncovers vital information about the mystery of his death, but, with Centipede out for blood, this knowledge may come at the cost of one of the team.

Review: I’m gonna assume that, if you are still reading my reviews, then you are still watching the show…right?  I mean, come on, I get into some pretty spoilery territory here.

And if you are still reading my reviews, then that means that you either are starting to get a feel for the show as it is and you can watch it as it presents itself, or you are still pulling for hope that the show will be what you want it to be.

If you are the latter, then I hope you can be patient with it…but…I just got a feeling that the show will never be what you wish it to be…at least, not for a while.

So if you are still not feeling it, if you are still frustrated with it after this episode…then drop the show. No one is forcing you to keep watching.

IF, you are the former, then welcome back.

If you really liked the last episode, then folks, I honestly think this episode is the first step into a stronger second half of the season.

This episode has Coulson’s team being lead by Agent Victoria Hand, and The Bus* is full of other agents. Agent Hand and her team are trying to find Centipede, but Ward, Skye, Fitz/Simmons and May are more concerned with finding their boss, Phil. We see how having this intrusion bothers the heck out of Coulson’s team and throws off balance.

Listen, it took ten episodes, but I can finally buy the group working and operating as a team/family.

One of the flaws early on with the show was that they try to shove the family aspect into the team too much, too early, making it feel unorganic to the flow of the series.

But, I can see how the team works well together, and I buy it now. Maybe it’s the factor that I needed ten episodes to see the team work together to get that, but whatever the case, I feel it now. The scene in which Ward interrogates a suspect, and how Fitz/Simmons helped him to the answers they needed was one of many scenes that shows how the team complements each other. (Sidenote: Fitz/Simmons are now officially my favorite characters in the series. They have done wonders to them and I feel they are finally fully formed. Also, Simmon’s delivery in this exchange:

“You made me a sandwich?”
“Yes… it is that.”

gave me the biggest laugh in the whole episode.)

Skye was used to great effect in this episode too (if you want to believe me or not to you Skye haters), and her scenes with comedian Rob Huebel were both entertaining and pretty funny. Skye as May was quiet a fun surprise (And yeah, BIG surprise to see Rob Huebel’s name popped up on the opening credits. Never thought I’d see him in a show like this.)

I also ended up really liking the way the Coulson’s storyline was played out. While they are frustratingly keeping the EXACT answers vague, I think this was a great way to play out his story but retain the mystery a bit longer.

The scene with Coulson and Raina is my favorite in the whole episode, as we saw how easy Raina can manipulate people, even good men like Coulson. It’s interesting to see how what could have been a throwaway line in The Avengers-Coulson was dating a cellist, we don’t even know her name-and how they use this character to great emotional effect on Phil.

This of course leads into the most horrifying image in the whole, and the saddest and darkest we’ve seen Coulson. It’s appalling, intriguing, and I want to know more.

I am now fascinated with a new question…WHY did Fury feel he need Coulson back alive? Sure, maybe him and Phil were pretty close, but there is clearly more to it then that. And little glimpse of a cosmic galaxy cutaway shot might be a real big hint to that answer.

I’m wondering if the show’s momentum will slow down next week when we get back to “Coulson’s team will investigate something weird again.” but until then, I’m just happy I’m having more fun with the show now.

And hey, that end tag with Mike? It can’t lead into good things, and I’m actually pretty excited about where this could go.

*Oh, and can we give The Bus a little more love? It’s a pretty badass plane, and I feel I neglect it sometimes. Any plane with awesome helicarrier boosters is ok in my book.

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