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Episode 15

Written by: Shalisha Francis

Directed by: John Terlesky


Plot: While Skye recovers, the team sets to find and stop an Asgardian seductress by the name of Lorelei. For that, they will need the help of Sif, one of Thor’s most trusted allies.

Review: I think, personally, that this is the episode in which most fans WISHED Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was like more often.

Did our Agents get involved in a case that WASN’T just the mystery object of the week? Yes.

Did they use a comic character that hasn’t been used in the films yet? Check.

Did they use a character from the films that fans would like to see more screen time? Yep.

Sadly, fans wished this episode happened sooner, but better late then never.

The character they used this week was Lorelei, an Asgardian that first appeared in Thor and was created by THE Thor writer/artist, Walt Simonson.


Lorelei was nicely played by Elena Satine, as she relished the role of the seductress.  The use of her in this show exemplifies the potential of this whole series. Namely, Lorelei is a character from the comics that has potential for stories, but has a slim chance of ever appearing in the movies. She might have made a cameo appearance, with no chance to use her in a full on storyline. BUT, she’s perfect for the kind of stories that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can tell, and this episode was a fun use of her.

It was also very cool to see Jaime Alexander as Sif again, and this episode was a great use of her.


She doesn’t miss a beat with her performance in this episode, as she really does feel like she’s coming straight from the last Thor movie right into this episode. It also makes sense plot-wise to bring ONLY Sif in this episode, since Lorelei’s whole deal is that she can control men, but not women. They also delivered on the super powered action in this episode as Sif has no problem throwing around mind controlled men.

The rest of our team fared well this week.  While it was no shock to see Fitz be minded controlled, some of the tension between Ward and May was at it’s high. It was pretty interesting to see May process how she felt when Lorelei dropped the bomb on her that Ward has feelings for someone else on the Boat.  It’s a bit on the soap opera-y side, but I went with it. Curious to know how Ward will handle what he did (and who he did it with) in the next episode.

Oh…and Phil? What happened with the whole “No more secrets?” rule that you established a few episodes ago? I get it, the blue alien freaked you out, but it seems a bit of a weird flop flop on what you wanted the new status quo on the boat to be. I am glad to hear that the big blue alien may not be a simple Frost Giant, and the options are open to it be any thing (though Sif did name drop the Kree, so  that got my nerd brain happy.) Whatever the case is, Phil is PISSED and I kinda get real happy to see Coulson angry.

Whatever the case, I’ll guess we’ll find out soon…especially since the the post credit sequences has May contacting….SOMEONE? Fury perhaps? I guess we’ll wait and see. Next week, the show will take a quick break to shell out a Marvel Studios special with sneak peaks for Captain Ameria: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, the next few episodes of S.H.I.E.L.D…..oh and  something from the currently filming The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Exciting!

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