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Ep 22

Written by: Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon

Directed by: David Straiton




Plot: Dark secrets are revealed as Coulson and his team put everything on the line to stop Garrett and the forces of Hydra, on the explosive season finale of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Review: It’s no secret that this show has not been the easiest to defend/watch. It’s been rough at the beginning, and the  people who walked away because they didn’t like what they saw are totally entitled to that opinion.

I’ve stuck around of course, but I won’t go so far as to say this was a watershed show. This will not be on my list of favorite first seasons. Hell, I’m not even sure I’d even say this a must see show.

I know all that sounds like a knock against it, but the truth is….it isn’t. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended up not being the best nor the coolest tv show on TV. It wasn’t the next LOST/The Walking Dead/Doctor Who/Whatever.

What it ended up being, was a show that was forming right before our eyes. It was learning how to walk and finding it own voice. We  forget that most shows still need to do that. Most shows don’t have their concept and tone set up from the beginning. Most shows grow.

This show needed to grow. So no, this series wasn’t the greatest thing to be put on TV, but damn it,  by these last batch of episodes, the show was pretty damn entertaining to me.

The characters were split up the last time we saw them. May, Coulson, Triplett, and Skye were about to take on some Hydra super soldiers, Ward was dealing with a superpowered Garrett,  and Fitz and Simmons were dumped into the ocean.

The opening action with the super soldiers was pretty nice, and a good call back to when May held the Asgardian rod as she easily took it for some HYDRA  smashing.

Triplett has certainly been proving himself in terms of the team, and he fills the role of “Action Guy” that Ward used to occupy very nicely. From the way the season ends, it seems pretty obvious that he is a regular member of the team, I can’t wait to see how they will  utilize him next season as I think he is a great addition.

As we get to the Fitz/Simmons plans to escape, I knew at the very least, we wouldn’t see these two die now….but due to how Fitz was the one giving his “love confession” speech, I was pretty sure we’d seen the last of him. Yes, Mutant Enemy is known for killing off cast members, but part me wonders if they’d really do it?  Could they really they  pull the trigger (or push the explosive button in their case.)?  This was a good scene, as Fitzs and Simmons had the biggest arcs out of anyone this season. What made it more interesting to me was how Simmons reacted to Fitz telling her how he felt. It was beautifully subtle that was going on in this scene. Surprisingly Simmons didn’t declare she had romantic feels back to him. Hell, she said this first “Fitz you’re my best friend.”  before Fitz said anything about his feelings. It was an added bit of sadness to their whole relationship. Simmons realizes she’s losing her best friend (who’s sacrificing himself to save HER), but also, that she doesn’t share those feeling he has for her.

Thankfully Nick Fury came into help them out….but we’ll get back to him later.

The scene with Ward, Skye and May was quite strong. Skye has been hitting it on all cylinders in these last few episodes  and I honestly like how she stood up against Ward. And that fight between May and Ward? Quiet nice, and as brutal as TV is probably going to get.

I think were we leave Ward at the end of the series is a pretty decent place. He’s locked up, paying for his crimes. They definitely painted a few more shades of grey on him, and it’s enough to play with him next season and to see where else they can develop him.

Ah….and crazy Garrett vs Coulson AND NICK FURY!!! YES!!! That was actually nice to see Nick get literally in on the action in the finale, and the rapport he shares with Coulson is golden. Oh..and my goodness, the show finally gave me a call back to the Avengers film that I think is totally worth it and just super awesome…

From tumblr
From tumblr.

The way they played with expectations with the ending scene with Garrett was great. Seeing him suit up and getting more armor on. Seeing him declare he is more powerful then ever!! Only to be blasted by Phil…priceless, and made the more better with a classic Coulson dry humor delivery.

The final scene with Fury, May and Coulson cleaned up the loose ends nicely. We finally learned the reason why Fury wanted Coulson alive, and it’s the most honest and simplest answer. Fury can only trust a few people, and Coulson is one of them. Coulson pointed out that the treatment was suppose to be used on a fallen Avenger.

I loved seeing Coulson’s reaction when Fury points out that’s exactly who got the treatment. That fallen Avenger…was Coulson. Wow. Hows that for a complement!

And now we have a new purpose for season two. Fury has put Coulson in charge to rebuilt S.H.I.E.L.D. from the ground up, and if the new Agent Carter show is about the beginnings of the organization, that it would be interesting to see it with the show about Coulson putting the pieces back together.

Hydra pockets are still around, so they have to take care of that. Skye’s past still needs to be dealt with, especially if we’re going to be meeting with her father soon! Fitz is alive…but in what state? How will Ward be brought back into season 2? Will the redeemed Deathlok return? Oh…hey, are Patton Oswalts character(s) Life Model Decoys? Because…well look at this example on TUMBLR and you tell me? But hey! Patton’s back!!! And it looks like he might even be a regular next season! Oh…and Phil? What are you scratching on that wall there buddy? Something you wanna share? Is it alien or something else?

Whew! And there we go! A full 22 episodes, done! It was a bumpy ride, but one that I felt was worth the trip. What lessons will the creative team learn this first season? Who knows, but I have high hopes that these guys have a pretty damn good idea on what they are doing with this show now. They left the end of the season with plenty of martial to work with. I can’t wait. See you guys for Season 2!

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