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episode 9

Written by: Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon

Directed by: Billy Gierhart


Plot: Coulson and his team are haunted by a ghost that threatens to destroy them all, and only a secret from May’s past can save them.

Review: It made sense that since Ward got an episode to himself last week that it’s time to start chipping away the cold heart of Agent Melinda May.

Continuing the show’s current phase of the swerve plots, this episode was set up to have the team face a young woman who may have developed telekinesis.

Turns out the answer is a bit more complicated…but also totally comic booky in every good way.

While last weeks episode  was promoted to have a tie in with Thor: The Dark World, it was actually THIS episode that deals with the ramifications of that film.

Turns out all that portal hopping that was going on in Thor: The Dark World actually affected someone and turned them into a mid-point-interdimensional-ghost like being…with a creepy crush.

Truth be told, while the visuals and the idea of the villain this week was pretty cool, his motivation and overall arc just didn’t work. The character was even less defined than last week’s terroritst hopped up on Asgardian power. Even worse, the resolution, and attempt of a more emotional answer as a way to defeat the bad guy, felt really unearned for me.

It seems that the writers are trying to create a more defined role for Skye, the idea of her being someone who can read and connect to people is at least a stronger concept then “internet” girl. I’m not sure if it’s entirely in character but I guess it’ll do as they find ways to make her work.

Now, while I said that this week’s episode was the one to help start chipping away at May, truthfully, I thought it didn’t do that great of a job with the answers about her. I liked last weeks reveal of some of Ward’s backstory, but keeping some of it still hidden compare to this week’s answers for May. Having Phil tell Skye about May’s deal is not the same has May doing the job herself. Yes, like Ward, there are details that are still hidden about her past, but the fact is that May still feels more like a concept then a character. God help me, but Ward is starting to shape up to be better defined than May at this point.

Oh and the Fitz/Simmons b-plot of pranking Skye feels like a storyline that would have been better in a Disney Channel show.

I honestly thought this episode had a lot of potential. I was actually enjoying the first two thirds of this episode, but it sadly ended up being one of the weaker entries.

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