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Issue 3
Thor #03

Hela is back in Hel, and the sons of Odin better watch out! Some of you might say “But isn’t Hela the daughter of Odin?” Nope! She’s actually the daughter of Loki. Yeah, I know, it seems weird. Right until you realize that Loki is immortal and by this point could have had thousands of kids. Hey, Norse mythology gets wacky. Loki is also the father of Fenris (a giant wolf) and Sleipnir (Odin’s horse).

Yo, gods got around. And got funky. Loki and Zeus have some STORIES, believe you me.

Anyways, Hela is back! But you want to know what else is back? My mad focus on Thor’s arsenal of hammers, that’s what! And we have a special mention here, to boot. Namely, this hammer?

It didn’t get destroyed.

Yeah, not only did it take on Fenris, the very wolf that is destined to full on slay Odin himself. But it SURVIVED. And is still alive and smiting by the end of the issue (yeah, spoilers in a way). I can’t even tell you what happens in the next issue, but this mallet has a little of that extra something-something that a heroic God of Thunder needs to put the smack down on… well, his own nephew, but everybody has family they’d like to hit with a hammer.



Name of Hammer: “Wolfsbane

Cause of Destruction: Nuthin’! It’s still in shape to give out hammer smackin’s!

Story: “The secret to this new hammer is that it’s quite old. It was wielded by Bor, father of Odin, and grandfather of Thor. To be fair, he didn’t wield it for very long. Bor preferred axes and swords. It’s much easier to cut off the head of a hated rival with sword than with a hammer. Times then were more barbaric then they are now… But never let it be said that Bor didn’t demand quality. Wolfsbane was made out of a good vein of uru, not the purest, but hardy, and bashed many a troll in it’s time. It had been collecting dust in Screwbeard’s ‘To-Do’ pile, needing a good cleaning and touch up after Asgard had fought the Dark Gods or Nether Gods or under-nether gods, honestly Screwbeard couldn’t keep up. Wolfsbane had been used by the Asgardian God of Skiing or something, and it needed to be serviced. Until Screwbeard got the call from Thor, and then this old hammer had a new purpose.”

And that’s all for this week! Come back again and I will regale you with the next phase in Wolfsbane’s story, and how this hammer might very well save the life of Thor from the gates of Valhalla itself!

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