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Green Arrow fan film


Fan films are always a tricky thing for me. They have a reputation of being made by amateur filmmakers, who’s only goal is to make the film really close to the source material, without understanding how a good movie is made. It usually ends up looking like an excuse to showcase the very elaborate costumes they made.

But the guys over at Thousand Pounds Action Co., are clearly good filmmakers. Check out the film below and see their take on Green Arrow ….

That’s some pretty fantastic camera work and the action choreography is top notch. The tin eared dialogue can be rough but I honestly felt they have a better grasp on how to write the character of Green Arrow then the super-serious-Arrow show. Actually, I though the actor who played Green Arrow (Nick Bensemen) did a pretty solid job in the role.

I’m even curious about the universe they set up. Is this a world where Superman is ruling with an steel fist?

While I don’t think it would have been high art, this webseries it could have been a lot of fun to watch, especially if they could maintain that level action in very episode.

If you liked what you saw in this video, check out their YouTube channel HERE. There you can find their other fan films, like their very cool Naruto fan film and the very epic Tekken Vs Street Fighter one.

Source: Thousand Pounds Action Co.

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