Part-time swashbuckler and professional writer, Agent Bobby lives in Southern California and goes by the names "B.C. Johnson," "Banjo Bob," and "The Amazing Spider-Man." His "Deadgirl" book series (think Buffy meets Stephen King) is available for Kindle, Nook, and even old dusty paperback and can be found at When he's not writing or playing video games, he can be found writing about playing video games and occasionally sleeping.

From the dudes who brought you Agents of GUARD and the original Order of the Triad podcast comes “Morningword.”


Morningwood #1 – “Das Reboot”

Morningword is a writing podcast about writing! Bobby’s a novelist, Justin is a filmmaker, and Nate is a comic writer (and screenwriter and everything writer). We challenge ourselves to each work on a new project, and we hold each other accountable. Why have discipline when your friends can just give you shit for failing?

In the first episode of Morningword, we discuss the curriculum to come, the concept of “writer’s high,” our potential projects, and a little game called “Riff-A-Pitch.”

Direct Download Link Here: Morningword #1 – Das Reboot


The theme song is “Clap and Yell” by


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