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So I’m sitting here trying to pretend I can write about anything else that isn’t the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.  I failed.  Miserably.  There was pensive, haunted staring into the middle distance.  Listening to Beck’s Sea Change on repeat.  It was a learning experience.

So here we are!  You.  Me.  And the Avengers 2 trailer.  So how about I start getting to work obsessively dissecting it, yes?  Of course.

Avengers Assemble... some Angst!
Avengers Assemble… some Angst!

One of my favorite shots from the trailer is this uber-emo tableau with Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor.  Everyone’s got some angst, in their own worlds.  But look who’s missing… Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye.  Someone could have died.  That is possible… or a betrayal was revealed.  Iron Man (Tony Stark) might be the source of that.


Thor does not look pleased with Stark.  But maybe I’m going down the wrong path?


Look at how tortured Bruce Banner (The Hulk) appears!  Maybe Ultron took over Tony’s armor… and made Hulk have to fight him to save lives?


As you can see, there is already an Iron Man armor inside the Hulkbuster armor.


I added this shot because the Hulkbuster armor looks awesome.


And is it me, or does The Hulk look kind of tired?  Sick?  Maybe poisoned by some kind of Ultron virus… MADE by Tony Stark?  How else do you take out the Hulk?


Poison the Hulk and then make him fight one of his best friends, who also betrayed him?  Sounds like a tough fight to me.


I’m very curious how Ultron goes from this obviously trashed model…


To this updated model.  (And did he design the facial expressions into the new body?)


Also, does this molten metal forming over a hand indicate Ultron’s upgrade?  And is his body made out of something stronger?


Maybe the same metal, Vibranium, that Captain America’s shield is made out of?  Sure, it was all the Vibranium in the world in the 1940’s, but 70 years later, and a possible future Black Panther of Wakanda appearance later, could scare up some more metal.


Is that Andy Serkis?  I think its Andy Serkis.  What’s he doing here?


I believe the Marvel Executives finally answered all my letters shipping Hulk and Black Widow.  The answer is YES(?)


Apparently there is ballet, which was grossly missing from the first Avengers movie.  Maybe Summer Glau will make a cameo?

stark iron

I just liked how similar these shots are.  Who is the creator?  Who is the created?


Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are joining the wrong side… but why?  What makes them think this shifty robot is the way to go?


…though it looks like they’ll start fighting alongside the Avengers.  At least for a short “run”… heh heh.  Run.  Like Quicksilver.  You feel me!


The eyepatch is back!  The sunglasses were okay, but it ain’t Nick Fury unless he’s got the eyepatch… which may be the point?


And another Hulkbuster shot, because c’mon that is gonna be one of the main event fights!


Okay, I mostly just geeked out everywhere.  You’re welcome.  There are DEFINITELY some strings on me.  Geeky silly string.

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