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The story goes that when director Terence Young (the man who made the first James Bond film, Dr. No) cast Sean Connery,  he had to do more then rehearse lines with him.

According to Bond’s creator Ian Fleming, when he first heard that Connery was cast in the role, he called the then unknown Scottish actor unrefined.

Terence knew that thought and took Connery under his wing. He tutored Sean to be a gentleman, showing him the proper way to behave. The lessons proved successful, and Connery’s performance as the debonair yet dangerous James Bond is a large reason for the characters success.

Apparently, it was this bit of movie trivia that inspired Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn to create Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Done as a comic a few years ago, the new movie’s trailer just came out today.

Funny enough, there was a surprise presentation for the flick weeks ago at WonderCon, but people were very quiet about it.  That made me worry for a bit about the films quality, but judging from the trailer I think we might be in for a pretty good time.

I didn’t read the comic that this was based on, but in terms of filmmakers, Matthew Vaughn has always had my attention . I thought Layer Cake was a solid first film, and Kick Ass is pretty damn fantastic. X-Men: First Class was also sensational, (arguably) one of the best in the series. I love how Vaughn handles humor, his slick, polished visual style, and his masterful way of shooting action scenes.

Originally Vaughn was suppose to direct X-Men Days of Future Past, but when word got around that other studios were trying to make a film similar to Kingsman, Vaughn bailed on X-Men to work the film concept that he co-created with Millar just to make sure that no one else beats them to the punch.

That’s what intrigues me the most. Yes, Millar and Dave Gibbsons did create the comic, but Vaughn had a hand in making in story too. This will be the first project he’s directed that has his most personal flair.

Yeah, the high concept itself isn’t really all that original (another secret organization and another rough around the edges lead.) but Vaughn’s such a good filmmaker that I think he’s going to make it fun and unique.

I’m digging the more comic booky action, gadgets, and settings. It’s doing the fun silly side of the Spy genre that the current Bond films (movies that I love by the way) don’t do any more.

I also really dig seeing Colin Firth in an action movie role (see Mr. Darcy kick ass!) and Newcomer Taron Egerton looks really promising. It seems like you can’t throw a rock at a comic book adaptation without hitting Michael Caine and/or Samuel L. Jackson, and this movie has both! (Just teasing, I’m just making a broad statement about those two actors folks.)

So yeah, count me in on this one. It looks like a blast.


Kingsman: The Secret Service will be coming out on October 24, 2014.

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