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This just (relatively) in!  NBC has asked Dan Harmon to return to Community.  According to the awesome folks at HollyWookie, Dan mentioned it at a live recording of his Harmontown podcast. I don’t have any sources to back this up yet, as I’m guessing that he must have mentioned it at the live recording on May 26th, so the news outlets have yet to catch it.  But come on!  We know Wookies are an honor bound people, if we’ve learned anything from KOTOR. I have yet to meet a native Kashyyykian that spouts lies, and that’s enough for me.  I for one, trust the Wookie.  Besides, the possibility is enough for me.

Now, I, unlike many people across the internet, happened to like Season 4.  While yes, it was a bit different from previous seasons, what keeps me coming back is that I already love the characters.  I just want to see how they evolve. Still, I’m quite excited at the prospect of Harmon returning, especially now that Megan Ganz has left the writing crew.

If he does, what does it mean for the show?  At CommuniCon, Dan Harmon spoke a little about how he didn’t mean for the study group to be perpetual fixtures of Greendale, and with Jeff Winger graduating, it really breaks open the possibilities of us seeing them cope with the world beyond the school.  After all, it’s called Community, and not “Community College” for a reason, right? What will they do with another shortened season?  Is NBC, as some people have already conjectured on Reddit, just trying to make the show marketable enough to syndicate, then axe it?  I really don’t know.  I suppose no one does.

Like I said.  The prospects.  They’re exciting.

Also, Agent Earl would love a co-star or guest-star role.






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