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The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption in America) is one of the best action films within the last decade.

This is fact, don’t question me on that.

A sequel to that would seem inevitable, but the amazing thing about the second film is that this was the plan all along.

See, originally, writer/director Gareth Edwards was going to make the film Berandal, which was a prison/gang war movie.

Here was the original synopsis:

Rama, a young man in his mid-20s sits on a toilet looking down at his feet contemplating just how he got here, just how he ended up wearing that prison uniform and just how his name ended up just a string of numbers printed onto his pocket. Once a food stall seller, an act of defense cost him his freedom, his liberty and the love of his fiancé Dwi.

Detained for 5 years after leaving her attacker paralysed in a fit of rage, Rama arrives in a maximum-security prison alone and not accustomed to the criminal world. Instantly a target for the gangs that fight against each other for supremacy and control he is taken in by Uco, the son of a leading gangster, Bangun. 

Initially at war with each other, their friendship is sealed after an attempt on Uco’s life by his own men during a prison riot sees Rama step in and save him from certain death. Vowing to be there for him when he is finally released, five years later, after serving his time, the gates open and Rama steps out into a new life taken in by Uco’s underworld organisation.

Igniting Uco’s ambition Bejo, a small-time hood leader with plans of up scaling his operations seizes the opportunity to convince this headstrong son that now is the time for him to assume control of his father’s organization. Controlling him like a puppet in a downward spiral of murder, betrayal and corruption Rama’s friendship to Uco is tested to breaking point as their paths begin to drift. 

Losing sight of loyalty, friendship even blood ties Uco is consumed by his increasing power as he creates a gang war taking out his Father’s most trusted men and pinning the blame on their rivals. A choice must be made between the power on the throne, or its reckless inheritor. Every move Rama makes will test his loyalty, every decision will change his path leading him further into the violence and bloodshed he is so desperate, yet so powerless to escape.

Check out the original proof of concept video below…

So, for one reason or another, they couldn’t get Berandal made.

Not one to be discouraged, Garth and star Iko Uwais decided to come up with another film and put Berandal in the back burner.

That film became The Raid.

The cool thing was, I originally thought they were going to move on from Berandal but I was shocked to realize that the sequel to The Raid would just be a version of Berandal.

As you can tell, they decided to turn Rama into a cop when they included him in The Raid, and change the story of Berandal into an undercover cop film.

The film already had two trailers, both of them pretty damn great.

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer

One of the most exciting things about this sequel is that it’s so different from the first film. It’s not a retread , but an entirely different movie, taking the character of Rama and putting him into a bigger world.

Some would be disappointed with the larger and more complicated plot. I would even argue that one of the great things about the first film is the simplicity of the story, but after seeing those great trailers it’s hard to not be excited about the new film.

Well tonight the film will be screening at Sundance so we will know how the film will be by tomorrow, but until then, the NEW American trailer is up, and it is glorious.

The Raid 2: Berandal will be in American cinemas March 28, 2014. (Which is not soon enough).


SOURCE on the origianl Berandal film: Twitch Film


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