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So. Nintendo dropped a video this morning.  It evoked memories of Power Gloves, dinosaurs, non-Wonder Years Fred Savage, and Rilo Kiley, er… Jenny Lewis.

All I can say is: Holy Virtual Boy, Batman.

That’s right folks. This year at E3, we’ll see the return of the Nintendo World Championships. We haven’t seen the likes of this since… well 25 years ago, when Hypercolor T-shirts freely roamed the urban wilds of North America.

What the format of the tourney will be, no one quite knows yet. There’s gotta be a little Smash Bros. in there right?

Also… a little Super Mario 3? Maybe? Ripe ground for some clairvoyant youngster who somehow knows about where to find the warp whistles in an unreleased game.

And… just in case you forgot about The Wizard, let me remind you:

Oh, child molestation jokes.

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