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Pacific Rim is a rare beast in terms of blockbuster movies nowadays.

It was an original concept, not based on any previous released properties, and was taking a big risk coming out in the middle of the the summer movie season.

And while it did eventually do pretty well, it sadly was not the SMASH success that Hollywood unrealistically expected.

Now, I loved Pacific Rim(Hell, it was my third favorite film of last year). Granted, I see the flaws in the movie, but as a whole package I was thoroughly entertained. I still feel it’s going to be a film that will be fondly remembered as time passes on.

Talks of a sequel have been consistent, but I honestly thought it would be a WHILE before we heard word on the future of Pacific Rim.

…then this video popped up on Legendary’s Facebook page.

Well holy crap.

An animated series? More comics, AND  a video message from del Toro himself that a second movie is being worked on with screenwriter Zak Penn and the first films writer and creator Travis Beacham. Oh…and they plan on releasing the film on April 7, 2017!

It’s one thing for talks to keep happening to a movie. People in this industry always talk, but making this video is kind of bold.

It’s a promise to the fans that you will see more from this world.

I have a feeling you don’t make a video like this and NOT deliver on the promises.

Looks like the future is looking good for Jaegers….and pretty bad for Kaijus.

Hopefully Guillermo will learn from some of the flaws from the first film, and make a kick ass second film.

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