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Writer/Director Rian Johnson
Writer/Director Rian Johnson


See that guy in the picture I posted? Of course you do, I put it there, sorry, sorry, I’m just really happy because of that guy. I mean, who would have guessed that he would walk right into my life again, and make me so happy? He just does that for me… as I read this article back to myself, I can see how it looks like I love him in a MORE THAN A FRIEND way, which I don’t!

No, its a far more complicated and deeper kind of love. I love him in a MORE THAN A DIRECTOR way. Because he’s a director and a WRITER!

Maybe I should explain.

That there fellow is Rian Johnson, and he is the director of three of my favorite movies. It was just recently announced what his next big movie projects would be. Yes, “projects.” As in plural. Which is not usually how it goes. Most directors are lucky to announce one project at a time, let alone two. What’s the project(s), you ask? Oh, just a little franchise I like to call:

Not just one Episode, but TWO!
Not just one Episode, but TWO!


Johnson comes to sequel, and then sequel AGAIN! What’s really interesting, is how most of you don’t know how great that news is. So allow me to drop some science on your squishy heads! (Don’t worry, the science is wrapped in Star Wars pillows, you won’t feel a thing).

So, to start off:

Johnson hard at work.
Johnson hard at work.


Rian Johnson has made three movies. Now, let’s be clear. When I say “made,” I mean crafted, and obsessed, and collaborated with some of the best talent the movie industry could hope to have at their side. His cousin, Nathan Johnson (what an awesome name!), composed music for all of his movie projects. Apparently, if you’re last name is “Johnson,” you’re ridiculously good at whatever you do (What up, Agent Bobby?!).

But enough about him, let’s get into his films! Starting with:

Still my favorite movie that he's made.
Still my favorite movie that he’s made.


Brick is, quite simply, a High School Film Noir. That concept alone got my ass into a theater seat, eagerly awaiting what would become one of my favorite movies I’ve ever seen this side of the year 2000. Oh yeah, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in it and completely won my loyalty forever with his portrayal of Brendan, the main character. This movie was absolutely amazing. From cinematography, to acting, and to, most importanly, the writing. All the slang in this movie was designed by Johnson to sound at times both alienating, and at the same time, absolutely absorbing. I’m still not sure how they did it.

NATE SIDE NOTE: Oh, and just to hurt myself a little, my brain decided to realize next year is the 10-year anniversary for Brick. Thanks brain, really needed that.

Next up:

The funnest movie he's ever made!
The funnest movie he’s ever made!


Brothers Bloom changes gears to be what I consider a Con Artist Fairy Tale. This movie is packed with talent! Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weisz, and Rinko Kikuchi just do incredible jobs, but the true winner in this flick is the direction. Rian Johnson directs the hell out this flick, and he needed to, because the tone of the movie is very hard to handle. A lesser director would have gotten way too whimsical. Or harsh. But Johnson’s Brothers Bloom is oozing with charm, not just from the actors, but with how the story and direction takes us along for the journey.

And now for the movie I believe a lot of you heard about:

A very cool sci-fi!
A very cool sci-fi!


Looper, the Time Travel Gangster Hitmen flick. Starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, and my man Jospeh Gordon-Levitt… as Bruce Willis! Joseph went through roughly 3 hours of makeup everyday to look more like Willis. But when you watch the movie, it all about JGL’s acting. He does this smile and nod that is so Bruce Willis its scary. And how he talks! The time travel concepts in Looper go from awesome to a well, hmm… there’s a quote in the movie that sums up some of the problems with the plot: “This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg.” Looper does that at times.

So to sum up: Rian Johnson has made dark, twisty noir. Light-hearted fairy tales. And mind-bending sci-fi. Put those three movies together…? And you just might have one of the best, most interesting writer/directors working on two of the biggest movies being made. Its going to be HIS version of Star Wars! The possibilities are out of this world. Maybe even out of a galaxy far, far away…

…or maybe he’ll go insane and just make Patton Oswalt’s idea!

Let the madness IN!!
Let the madness IN!!



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