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More Hammer 2K[18]

August 26, 2018 0

(All images belong to Marvel Comics) Yes. A lot of time has passed. But as much as awkwardly trying to catch up is tempting, how…


Agent of Hyperborea

October 2, 2015 0

  **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS AND GRAPHIC CONTENT**   Here's something you might not know. Hellboy, of Hellboy and B.P.R.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense)…

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American History Geek

July 4, 2014 0

Hello fellow GUARDians! Hello fellow Americans! Hello fellow LOVERS OF SWEET FREEDOM'S BAADASSSS SONG! It is my pleasure and privildge to present the SECOND 4th…


Right as Rian

June 20, 2014 0

  See that guy in the picture I posted? Of course you do, I put it there, sorry, sorry, I'm just really happy because of…