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Even Spider-Man had to improvise a few times.
Even Spider-Man had to improvise a few times.

If you’re like me, you barely got your Halloween costume assembled this week.

If you’re like me, but NOT IN MULTIPLE STAGES OF DENIAL, then you don’t have your Halloween costume.  Like, AT ALL.  Okay, not to fret, true believer, I have come to save you (and myself) in your/our time of need.

Hence, a bunch of ideas I came up with for quick, slap dash, last minute “Holy Crap the Halloween Party is WHEN?!?!” costumes.

Tony Stark

Here is a costume that you can go with either a suit or just regular clothes.  All you need is that some of dat ol’ RD Jr. charm.

Step 01: Be Robert Downey Jr.
Step 01: Behold Robert Downey Jr.
Step 02: Be Robert Downey Jr.
Step 02: Be Robert Downey Jr.

Next you need the Arc Reactor in his chest.  Buy a cheap little LED push light.  Simple.  Wal-Mart or Target have ’em.



Then put on (or remove some) facial hair.  Stark your face up!

Step 03: Be Robert Downey Jr.
Step 03: Be Robert Downey Jr.

Or just draw that suckah on!

Just draw a beard onto your face, like I do every morning!
Just draw a beard onto your face, like I do every morning!


Fox Mulder or Dana Scully

All you need is a suit.  Male or Female.  Maybe a red wig if you’re going all Scully.  In that case… Male or Female.  Who am I to hold you back?  Next you need some FBI credentials.  There are templates all over the internet.  Here’s one just to get an idea what you’re looking for:


Special Agent... Phoebe Agencee.
Special Agent… Phoebe Agencee.


And a gun, which are cool sounding and cheap at all places.


Bang bang!
Bang bang!


Okay, so I stole this outright from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Oz (played by Seth Green) goes to a Halloween Party as God.  All he needed were two items:



The characters of Firefly

As of this article, I’m going to be dressing up as Jayne Cobb of Firefly.  Its something that I can throw together fairly quickly.  All the costumes from Firefly are relatively easy to throw together, yet still iconic enough for the right geeks.  Which just so happen to be all your friends.

Can't stop the signal.
Can’t stop the signal.

Time Traveling Terminator

No clothes.  See?  Quite simple.  You’re just kneeling there in your unmentionables.  If you want somethings to remain secret, you could always shroud your parts in cotton “steam” or “clouds”.  Hopefully hiding your genitals:


Not implying genitals:

This looks wrong somehow.
This looks wrong somehow.


Or just throw on some green speedos and glue some wings on your ankles and you’re Marvel’s King of Atlantis.



Pretty much your entire costume.
Pretty much your entire costume.


I mean “Supercop” in the most generic, action movie “McBain! You Wrecked 12 Police Cars and cost the city millions in property damage!” kind of renegade cop.

You're a loose cannon!
You’re a loose cannon!

So any clothes you got will do, with guns of course (the more the better).  You’ll just need a Police Badge on a necklace:


And Aviator sunglasses!  Everyone looks cooler with Aviator sunglasses.


Hell, even old classics are ramped up thanks to these little beauties:

"Meet The Super Jedi Knight, That Wins The Fight!"
“Meet The Super Jedi Knight, That Wins The Fight!”


Okay, its possible that you’ve already used the FBI and Tony Stark angle (FBI Special Agent Tony Stark, anyone?).  So what to do with the suit?  Use it again!


Its amazing what one Guy Fawkes mask from V For Vendetta can do for a suit:

Hacking for justice!
Hacking for justice!

Luchador on vacation

It takes very little effort to find a wrestler's mask.
It takes very little effort to find a wrestler’s mask.


Wear a suit or just regular clothes.  Remember:  A luchador must always hide his identity.

Of course, you could always set half your face on fire.  Or wrap it in pastrami.

Generic Fanboy



Or just save time and tie a towel around your neck as a makeshift cape.  You’re done.  The beauty of it, is that it works much like Batman for Bruce Wayne.  Wayne became the mask for Batman.  Like you’ve become the mask for Fanboy.  It fires on all cylinders!

Okay gentle readers, I hope some of these ideas help you out.  Please let me know if any of you have some ideas for last minute costumes!


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