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Agent Justin’s years of experience going to Hall H panels at SDCC has him wondering if it needs to change.

No question about it….I love the movie presentations at San Diego Comic Con.

I know that sounds disrespectful to the “Comics” part of the event, but with almost 20 years of going to SDCC, movies have always been there. I’ve loved comics as long as I loved movies, so for me, SDCC was a home for both.

When I first started going there, Hall H didn’t exist yet. I remember being impressed with it when it first appeared nearly 10 years ago.

I could try to write about my feelings about why I brave Hall H…or you can watch this short documentary that filmmaker Patrick (H) Willems made that explains it really well. Oh…and I’m in this video too.

That was filmed after the Fox Panel and you can see how exhausted I am in that video.

I hope that kind of explains why going to Hall H can be a great thing…but also….you can maybe understand why I’m gonna be taking a break from Hall H for a while.

I know a friend of mine made fun of me when I said this but I meant it when I proclaimed….

“Hall H is a young man’s game….and I am definitely not a young man anymore.”

Personally, I think it’s time that SDCC starts rethinking how to do Hall H presentations, because this can’t be the way anymore.

I saw the folks wait in line with their children in the cold and it just doesn’t feel right. Hall H should be a thing you should wait for at least early in the morning of the day of the panel you wanna go to, NOT wait in line the day before. You shouldn’t waste your day missing all the glorious other things that SDCC can offer you

I thought it was a great idea that during Star Wars Celebration this year, they streamed the panel that introduced the new Force Awakens trailer. SDCC should abosolutly adopt this approach next year.

If studios don’t want early footage leaked, then they should just adapt and just accept that they should post the footage online too.

I’ve heard some folks suggest that SDCC does a live Twitch feed of the panels, which I think would be a great idea, but I have another idea. How about setting up a paid Fathom event screening of Hall H with movie theaters? You can get part of the Hall H experience if you’re sharing the theater with fellow fans, just like in Hall H.

Some would argue that doing these things would lessen the specialness of the Hall H experience, to which I think that’s ridiculous. Some people just want to watch the stuff, allowing a streaming option would be a good way to give some of the people what they want.

Would that lesson the attendance? Maybe, but do less people go to Cochella since YouTube streamed some of the event? No, and like the people who go to Cochella, the hardcore fans would do the trip for SDCC to experience live.

Media consumption is growing faster and bigger every day, and SDCC has to start adapting to it faster. To their credit, I think they have been doing a good job, but the currently way to do Hall H is finally over.

I want people to enjoy the option of going to Hall H…not be mad about it.

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