Born and raised in California, Nathan has been a fiend for geeky pop culture for years. ESPECIALLY comic books and movies. Can't get enough. He also likes writing his own comic books (The Shrouded City) and drinking sparkling water. Maybe it shows we've grown as a society that nobody makes fun of him for making comic books... but he does get a lot of s**t for drinking sparkling water. Win some, lose some. If you feel like it, you can follow his twitter musings: @natethegreater

Wanna know how to make me feel like a kid?  Young, eager, and enthusiastically awaiting something wonderous and new?


There are many ways, but one of the most expensive and sure fire ways is to make a new Star Wars movie and show me the trailer.  And it just so happens that J.J. Abrams must have been in a truly giving mood:



OH SWEET DANCING ZEUS…  it is all I want… well, until the next trailer.  Which, if there is any kind deity above, the next Star Wars trailer will be shown right before the Avengers 2 movie.


So what do you think, gentle viewer?

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