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We’re back for another great and action-packed week of The Flash!

So Barry accidently (or “unintentionally” might be a better word choice) ran back in time, preventing many of the events we saw in the previous episode, like Cisco’s death, Joe getting captured by the Weather dude, and Iris finding out who the Flash really is among other things. But Barry retains his memory of all these events, and is unsettled about the change in timeline, although pleased certainly that he now knows how Iris really feels and that Joe is okay.

He decides to use his newfound knowledge to quickly apprehend the Weather Wizard guy and to ask Iris out, even though Dr. Wells urges him not to disrupt the timeline, as it could have dire and unknown consequences. It’s sort of amusing that Dr. Wells really, really does not want to know about what happens in the alternate timeline and Barry is just dying to tell someone. Anyway, Barry makes short work of Weather dude but is really surprised when Iris turns him down after he asks her out again, especially since he KNOWS she is in love with him.

A few words on Iris. Iris annoys the @#$@ out of me. She is evil! She continuously sabotages Barry’s relationships and breaks his heart again and again. Barry is such a good guy that it’s hard not to see her as a witch, even though it’s doubtful that she’s conscious of everything she is doing. I really want to like her, but I cannot. Even if she gets together with Barry in the end, I still don’t think I would like her very much.



Anywhoo, in this episode we also meet Cisco’s older brother, Darwin, who is subsequently captured by…CAPTAIN COLD! The Snart is back. I’m okay with this, as he’s one of the better villain figures, I guess. (It’s hard to make this sound enthusiastic, but I’m so much more interested in Dr. Wells as a villain than these other villain of the week types.) Snart and his sister capture Darwin and Cisco to coerce Cisco into building more weapons for them.

I discovered during editing I’d accidentally saved this photo as “Snark with Cisco”. I’m horrible with names, in case you have not noticed.


Then, Cisco breaks the first rule of fight club being a member of a vigilante’s inner circle and reveals the Flash’s identity to Mr. Snart. So Barry gets involved and makes a pact with Captain Cold. Captain Cold will stay away from Barry and his friends and not reveal his identity, and won’t kill innocent people anymore, and Barry won’t lock Snart up.  I guess that works?

Snazzy gun!


All in all I have to say, Cisco being kidnapped and tortured is much better than him being killed. And we get to see Reverse Flash in action at the end of the episode, and Barry starts to think there might be a whole lot more to Dr. Wells than he is letting on. Will Barry be able to outsmart Wells? I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

The Agents of Guard had a slightly entertaining discussion this week about how Cisco is actually Vibe, who is a superhero I’m not so familiar with. I looked him up and I found out that he is a “latino vigilante” who “has vibrational abilities” and is “good at breakdancing”. Sounds like…um…maybe they ran out of material when making his character up? Maybe a writer was high?? I dunno, man.

I think if Johnny Bravo joined the Justice League, his costume would probably look like this.


I’m really looking forward to the next episode of the Flash because it will introduce Mark Hamill as the Trickster. I love Mark Hamill, not only is he an actor with a tremendous legacy but he has really made a huge reputation for himself as a voice actor in recent years (he is my favorite Joker, hands down.)

Until next time!

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