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No matter what, I will always be excited when a filmmaker promises to try to create new sci-fi worlds.

I will always applaud new characters, and new world building.

We live in such a Xerox kind of movie landscape, it’s a shame that it’s hard to find genre films that want to be new things.

Well, god bless The Wachowskis.

I personally have been loving the last few films that the Wachowskis have made. Speed Racer is a film that I will defend till my face is blue as I think the film is an amazing blend of adrenaline, joy, and heart, and Cloud Atlas has to be admired for it’s ambition and its excellent editing.

There is a lot to compute with this new film, and I hope audiences will be open-minded  about it.

One thing that I wonder if audiences will be down with is the character of the part wolf/ pointed ear hero that Channing Tatum is playing.

Jupiter Ascending Channing Tatum

But it’s the fun crazy comic booky visuals, like how Tatum looks in this film, that are selling me with this trailer, and knowing that the Wachowskis are doing it makes me greatly excited for the results.




Jupiter Acending 3

It’s a great bit of disappointment that Pacific Rim wasn’t a huge box office success, because it seemed to send the message to Hollywood that audiences are disinterested in seeing films based on original intellectual properties and instead favor films based on pre-existing  comic books/cartoons/or novels.

I’m hoping thats wrong. I hope this movie will deliver. I love that the Wachowskis are making what appears to be a good old fashion Sci-Fi action adventure, but a Sci-Fi action adventure that is full of their crazy ideas. I genuinely like Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis but I personally hope that Mila’s character, Jupiter, isn’t just simple a princess in danger. That being said, I have a feeling the Wachowskis have a bit more up their sleeves that the trailer isn’t even hinting yet.

Oh…and the action looks totally badass.

Jupiter Ascending will be coming to theaters on July 24, 2014.



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