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This week on Arrow, some highly unlikely and yet not altogether unpredictable things happened.

Thea turned Malcolm Merlyn over to the Guild of Assassins in exchange for her own protection after finding out last week that her father drugged her and coerced her into killing Sara.

“Oops…I did it again.”

Then she decides to go around telling everyone, including Laurel and Nyssa that she killed Sara.

“Hey Laurel, I know you’ve been crazy and ragey and randomly punching people in the face for trivial offenses all season, but did you know I killed your sister?”

Oliver takes Diggle with him in a very poorly-laid plan to free Malcolm, only to be captured and imprisoned by Ra’s…

Maseo babysits Oliver again, because looking after him in Hong Kong and saving his life a few episodes ago wasn’t enough for the poor man.

…And Ra’s decides that this green nincompoop is SO talented at getting captured and failing missions, that this is worthy of the honor of….becoming the next Head of the Demon?

“Uh…let’s see, how did that initiation ceremony go again? It’s been so long since anyone succeeded me…do we cut off your head and then put you in the Lazarus pit or what?”

Felicity and Ray do the horizontal mambo.


This apparently gave him the confidence he needed to try out his brand spankin’ new A.T.O.M. suit!

My second favorite character after Tommy Merlyn!

Stay tuned for next week on Arrow! We may or may not find out the answers to some questions, such as:

What is the best anagram of “Nanda Parbat”?

Hint hint.

Which superhero will Felicity seduce next?

I hear Barry Allen is back on the market, and they were so cute together! I am sure getting tired of this game though.

Where is Captain Lance hiding from Laurel?

I SEE HIM! Wait no, it’s just that stripey guy.

What will Diggle’s bachelor party look like when Oliver Queen plans it?

I’m not sure the world is ready for it.

Finally, a word from the author of all this nonsense:

My dear readers,

I have been watching Arrow ever since it came on the air, and I have to tell you that without a doubt this is the worst, most intolerable season of this show yet. While reviewing this show, my emotions slowly spiraled from excitement to amusement to disgust to utter despair over how poor the quality of the writing has become. I used to enjoy making jabs at it, but the show has made it far too easy. My reviews have slid from detailed and upbeat to poor excuses to make Arrested Development quotes and pop culture references. After I watched this episode at home, my husband threw his hands in the air and declared “That’s it! I can’t watch this show anymore!” and I am nearly inclined to agree, especially when there are so many other great shows on.

As such, starting next week I will be switching over to reviewing The Flash, a much more fun and entertaining CW show with a lot of great stuff going on in the plot and writing. I encourage you to join me on Tuesday nights in watching and then we’ll have some fun recapping and reviewing right here at Agents of GUARD!

While I may tune in for Arrow occasionally and write a piece here or there, I will no longer be religiously reviewing it. The show had a solid first season, a decent second season, and a pretty awful third season and has naturally been picked up for a twenty-something episode fourth season. As Agent Bobby once wisely said, “You either die the Firefly, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Smallville” and I think that rings very true here. All we can hope for is that it returns to being the fun show that I knew and loved.

Okay, that’s my Arrow break-up. Because you always leave a note. See you all for The Flash!

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