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This week on Arrow, some people did some things that were both extraordinary and boring, but not simultaneously!

Tommy Merlyn rose from the dead!!!!!!

The ONLY non-self centered character on the show, not to mention gorgeous and charming! Welcome back, Tommy!

Well, not really. Oliver creeps around in flashbacks to foil a plot by China White, conveniently located in his hometown so he can see all of his old friends and sister. Because that’s not like way, way too convenient or anything.

If looks could kill, Thea would be dead meat! Can we have more flashbacks like this, even if they are silly?

In not-flashbacks, Oliver and Thea decide to hang out on the island of Lian Yu and discover that Slade Wilson has broken lose.

The Return
“Hey Thea, you know where we should totes vacay? That one island where I was trapped and tortured for five agonizing years and where our worst enemy who killed our mother is now imprisoned. Because what could possibly go wrong with that?”

There are some traps and deception and suddenly the tables are turned on Ollie and Thea and Slade has them cornered because nobody would have EVER seen that coming from a MILLION miles away!

The Return
“No touching”

Oliver finally tells Thea that she killed Sara while she was drugged out by her dear old dad. Thea not only believes him, but consequently loses her mind.

The Return
I wish she’d killed him BUT Oliver convinced her not to. Because it’s always better to leave your enemies alive to kill again, right?

That was really pretty much it for this week, which is kind of disappointing. Here’s another picture of Tommy Merlyn because he’s rad.

Don’t leave me ever again. I mean, Arrow. Don’t leave Arrow ever again.

Stay tuned for next week on Arrow! We may find out the answers to some questions, like:

How many times will you yawn during the next episode?

Obamamany times.

Will Laurel and Ollie take out their pent-up sexual tension on each other?

Strong Independent Woman #1, in your face.

Which character will rise from the dead next?

With so many to choose from, who could say?

Who will be next week’s villain of the week?

Methinks there is more than meets the eye with that Frightened Inmate #2 fellow.

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