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This week on Arrow, some surprising things happened.

The Arrow is back in town, having beaten certain death at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul.

Green Batman is BACK, bitches!

Oliver Queen is also back in town, after some ridiculous Bruce Wayne-like escapades (or so he claims.)

“Well! It was not like I was partying with Russian Ballerinas on a yacht! But the important thing is that my reappearance at the exact same time as the Arrow’s is a total coincidence, Thea.”

Brick is no longer a threat to the Glades.

Villain of the week, you have failed this city!

Barry and Caitlin had literally the cutest moment together on tv all year when they both realized they are lonely and decided to hang out and lean on each other as friends.

Oops…wrong show. BUT you should be watching The Flash because it is so so much fun. <3

Malcolm Merlyn had feels and did a magic trick.

“Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money.”

The Arrow and Malcolm Merlyn, due to certain death and feels respectively, decided to create an alliance.

“Feel the dark side of the force flow through you…”


Felicity drops the mic cuz this shit is ridic.

Drop it like it’s hot.

Someone finally noticed that Canary’s cleavage got smaller and her hair looks fake.

You’re going to need more than a push-up bra to fix that, darlin’.

…and told Captain Lance.

“Hey, did you notice your daughter isn’t actually your daughter?” “What? No that’s her. I talked to her.” “So…you should have noticed that it’s not her, right?” “…” “It doesn’t even look like her.” The kicker is that it’s actually his other daughter. Oh Arrow you silly thing you!

Stay tuned for next week!!!!! We might find out answers to some important things, like:

Do we even need to go back to China?

Hint: no. That goes for the continent OR the person/plot device.

Will Sara Lance die again?

Highly improbable, but you never know, really.

Is Felicity the only person on this show with a brain?

A look inside the psyche of Oliver Queen.

In what ways would this show be better if the Arrow commenced each fight by shooting a pie-arrow at his foe?

All the ways.

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