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The Doctor is a Time Lord, and apparently, besides his power to regenerate, he is extremely long lived. The last tally on his age right before the Twelfth incarnation was 2000+ years old. But what about when he stole the TARDIS in the first place and became The Doctor? What age would a spry old Time Lord be? He was probably already sporting a few centuries by the time he started. So if any ol’ Time Lord has that long of a life span, how did Gallifrey not become overpopulated?



Do Time Lords all have nick names? Or are they titles? Like The Doctor, The Corsair, and The Master? If I was a Time Lord, would I be the Blogger?



The Doctor’s TARDIS was already an older, obsolete model by the time he stole it. But how do you improve on the TARDIS? Is it the equivalent of comparing a 1963 VW Beetle to a 2014 Porsche? Or is a newer TARDIS just the same model, just with heated seats?



Was the Doctor given only one extra Regeneration? Or a whole new set of Regenerations? If The Curator (again, with the nicknames!) is any indication, then he has more than one. If the writers are smart, they gave him twelve more Regenerations. Which could mean that there could actually be a TWENTY-FOURTH Doctor. Whaaat?



Do Gallifreyans have pets? Would they be called Time Animals?



Can a culture like the Time Lords actually have history they can trust? Wouldn’t ret-conning be constantly happening, or history be continuously in flux? Maybe the Time Lords before the Time War were more stable, but what about early Gallifrey? Or during the Time War, when they were fighting just to survive?



What if Merlin was a Time Lord? And he called himself The Wizard, because hey why not have a sense of humor?



Why do Time Lords look like humans? Like Kryptonians? And Asgardians? And… and… okay, obviously its just cheaper to not have all your actors in make up all the damn time. Unless humans could be the ancestors or descendants of Time Lords? Or both at the same time? Timey wimey…



What if James Bond was a Time Lord? And we called him… THE AGENT?



Was the Master the only straight up crazy, evil Time Lord? I’m sure there’s original Doctor Who fans who will specify my stupidity in not knowing the multitudes of bad guy Gallifreyans. And I wonder who the new Master will be?



Do all the former companions ever have sad little get togethers where they stand around in some dingy community center, drinking tea and wishing they were in the TARDIS? Because I can imagine that sadness. It would be staggering.



If people keep hating on Steven Moffat, I will punch them all. Its exhausting how much they don’t get how good he is. At the same time, I am curious as to who can take over after him? I would love for Neil Gaimen to take over forever, but that looks quite unlikely.



So… what is the official number of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor? The Twelfth Doctor? The Thirteenth Doctor? I count this as the Twelfth Doctor, because if I don’t, than that means Eccleston was the Tenth Doctor, Tennant was the Eleventh, and Smith was the Twelfth, and I can’t allow that. I WON’T ALLOW THAT. EXTERMINAAATE!!

NATE SIDE NOTE:  What’s the deal with all the weird pics throughout this post?  Each one was The Doctor at one point in time.  I just wanted to look at each face of the Doctor when they were not The Doctor.  Just for a different perspective.



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