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Whatever your thoughts on Kickstarter, one has to admit it has made a few amazing things come into existence. The Veronica Mars movie, a Reading Rainbow reboot, Oculus Rift… and right at the very top, is this little gem called Kung Fury. Written, directed, and starring David Sandberg, Kung Fury is about…

Hmm… its not “about” anything except 80’s nostalgia/parody on crack. I’m talking the action, impossible science, VHS quality video, and the music (oh the sweet, sweet music) of every movie from the 1980’s. And I do mean EVERY movie.  The origin story of Kung Fury (yes, that’s his name) is incredible.


Kung Fury, after battling robot on a killing rampage, needs to travel through time to kill Hitler (“Kung Fuhrer”), and so to do that he gets someone to computer hack him through time.


In which he goes too far back and meets Thor. Yeah. The Norse god of thunder.


This movie has everything that you never knew you even wanted until you watch this movie five times on repeat.


Anyways, I can go on and on, but just watch Kung Fury already and tell me what you think. You should think “Awesome I need more always and forever.” But hey, what do I know?

Well? Am I right, or am I right?

Also, the dude that plays Hitler?


Here’s a cool reveal for you:

And if you think the insane party wagon is finally done, you’d be wrong. Because Kung Fury has a friggin’ MUSIC VIDEO called “True Survivor” performed and starring none other than the Hoff himself: David Hasselhoff.

How much more awesome do you need in one half hour project? Also, all of this is free for you to enjoy. Thanks to the power of the internet and Kickstarter.

Don’t say it never gave you anything.



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