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May 31st, 2015

So, here’s how the countdown stands as of today!

Earl’s Con Season List 2015

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 15 days
Anime Expo (AX) in 31 days
San Diego Comic Con in 37 days
and, if miracles happen:
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime in 88 days

Balls, I’ve really not done much in terms of getting ready for stuff. It’s like every week just zooms by without me noticing. AHHHH!!

Still no place set for SDCC. Truthfully, there are external factors I’ve been waiting on. I’m about to stop waiting.

I’ve somewhat geared up on walking.  Walked around the neighborhood to get to grocery stores, which was about a mile round trip.  Plus, I went to Universal Studios yesterday, which is good for a couple of miles over the course of the day (at least according to google maps). Gotta work more regimented strength training in there somewhere.

Still no word from Anime Expo on the industry badge. May try to re-submit as press. If that doesn’t work… well.

I’m thinking about picking up one of these Travelchairs for SDCC, standing in line purposes and all.

On another gear-related note, my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding Con-Survival Edition came in on Friday. I’m kind of in love with it. Pictures later, pehaps. I’m hoping it’ll perform as I expect it to, in terms of being a nice median between my man-purse and a backpack – perfect for carrying around the exhibit floor.

To Do List
Follow up on AX industry pass
Start redoing/polishing video game voice demo
Spiffy up website at earlbaylon.com
Find a place to stay for SDCC
Eat less/Walk more

Yeah. That list is still the same. Someone needs to reevaluate their commitment.

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