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Being a geek male, it is a certain thrill when I notice a woman staring at me with genuine interest on her face.  She walks pass me, with eyes for me, and me alone.  She hesitantly stops in the midst of walking, catches my eye, she asks me, a bit shy, but unable to contain herself:

“That’s a cool shirt, where did you get it?”

I calmly yank my Orange Julius from my lips, careful to keep the sweet nectar from spilling no more than a s**t ton of drops all over the place and respond, “Buh?  Huh? Oh yeah, um, thanks…. online, uh… got it… online.”  This back and forth is only made more playfully flirty by the smoldering vacant look on my face, and her quickly walking off to continue talking to her friends.

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

In the meantime, here’s one of the shirts I wear that makes all the ladies want my body to continue being clothed:


I like my shirts with a certain unique flair to them.  In the world of geekiness, references are king.  And the more specific, obscure, and fun the reference, the more likely I will shell out my hard earned gold pressed latinum (that is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reference WHAT’S UP?!) and buy said specifically obscure and fun referential t-shirt.  And the more original the art, the more I’ll geek out when I procure them threads.  I mean, had the above Scott Pilgrim vs The World shirt and the following shirt!

If you've seen Cabin In The Woods, this shirt is 1000x awesome.
If you’ve seen Cabin In The Woods, this shirt is 1000x awesome.

Again, thanks to redbubble for these shirts:


So then, you think to yourself, “I like Werewolves.  But I like astronauts too.  I will never find a shirt where these two great flavors will meet!”  INCORRECT!

Space Werewolf
Space Werewolf

Just go to and find amazing designs and t-shirts made by real artists who get REAL paid when you buy these shirts!


Maybe you have a hankering for official DC super hero symbol shirts?  Well, because I’m a big geek for Kingdom Come (written by Mark Waid and painted by Alex Ross), I bought a Kingdom Come Superman symbol shirt from

I'm soooo cool, I have to be soooo different... gawd.
I’m soooo cool, I have to be soooo different… gawd.


Still some of the best quality shirts you'll ever buy.
Still some of the best quality shirts you’ll ever buy.

Wanna know something a little surprising?  My favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer shirt isn’t even made in America.  It was made by in England.  But be careful when buying from this site.  The American dollar is down, so the shirts are worth more in pounds.

Slayer of the Vampyre!
Slayer of the Vampyre!


Also I have my Van Gogh Doctor Who shirt, just cuz I need to be different and cool.  And because the art is awesome.  I think I just bought this off of Amazon.


But you know what’s the best shirt to buy?  The shirt you buy straight from the creator of the very thing you love.  In this case, it was an Axe Cop t-shirt.

I have this in t-shirt form.
I have this in t-shirt form.


So if you’re on the lookout for geeked out threads, try out the above sites.  In the meantime, please don’t buy every shirt I bought, unless you’re buying me a backup shirt.  In that case, go crazy!


  1. I am conflicted, you are buying from the creator of the art piece but the creator of the franchise doesn’t see a dime. Or do they? Are there any copy right issues regarding these shirts? For example the Van Gogh Doctor Who shirt. Maybe there isn’t an issue, I love these sites and have bought shirts from them but the thought of copyright just occurred to me.It’s a reason I am hesitant to buy from artists in the artist alley’s at conventions. They are capable of beautiful art, yes. But making money without the permission of the original artist/franchise. Anyways, it’s just a thought. I’ve seen some bad ass stuff in the artist alley.

    1. I can say comfortably that 70% of these sites are paying money towards the creator of said franchise. The other 30%… okay, I don’t know for sure. But at the same time, its free advertising and if I want a design, then I will buy it, official or bootleg. Beautiful art is beautiful art and I will buy it.
      And the Van Gogh Doctor Who shirt is officially from Doctor Who!

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