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The Superman film,  Man of Steel, has been out for nearly two weeks. The film has been financially successful, but at the same time it has caused plenty of controversy, with massive amounts of discussions concerning the content of the film and it’s portrayal of the iconic character.

We at GUARD have a subdivision within our ranks to discuss such matters.For you see,  agents Bobby, Nathan and Justin (ME) also moonlight as the podcasters…THE ORDER OF THE TRIAD!!!!

This is a show that has existed before Agents of GUARD. We’ve had several episodes of our show (18 to be exact!) and a few more unreleased (hence us joking about this being episode 3 of season 2), but our show was posted on another site.

So allow me proudly say that ORDER OF THE TRIAD‘s new home will will be here on Agents of GUARD! (If you are interested in listening to some older episodes, click HERE to find some direct download links)

BUT this episode, we felt it needed to come out ASAP.  This film affected us in surprising ways, and we honestly couldn’t stop thinking about. What we loved about it. What we hated about it.

This ended up being an EPIC conversation, so epic that we actually had to cut the episode into THREE parts.

So, give it a listen, and do stick around for when parts 2 and 3 come out!

Click HERE for the MP3 direct download!

Art done by VIC Perfecto! Find him on twitter: His art blog:

Theme Music – “Never Give Up” by John Dreamer

Ending Music – “Spinnin'” by Alex Beroza

The Order of the Triad is copyrighted under a CreativeCommons Attribution, Share-Alike license.


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