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The 52-Movie Challenge

Week 03: January 15-21

A bonus back-to-back movie viewing extravaganza! That’s right, we got a review up today and another one up tomorrow. I’m a giver. I give.

The Film

Howl’s Moving Castle

This is an animated film from Studio Ghibli all the way from Japan! Whoa! Okay, that isn’t as impressive as it used to be back in the day, but what is absolutely impressive is how this movie is so incredibly good. Not leaving much to mystery for you this time around. You’re usually left asking yourself “What is Nathan’s opinion? He’s so handsome and mysterious.” Thank you, that’s nice of you to say. I’m honored.

No, this time I’m just getting straight to why this is a great fairy tale. Its a very simple reason. Its the food.

Yeah. The food. Particularly a scene involving breakfast that solidified the tone of the story, which is that of a fairy tale. Fairy tales are interesting, because they very much have a logic all their own. If you do something good, usually something equally, or astronomically better, shall happen to you. Howl’s Moving Castle is no exception to this sweet yet odd rule.

Sophie and Howl, in a beautifully drawn magical room.

The world of Howl’s Moving Castle is one where steam punk esthetics live right alongside with incredible magic. The Moving Castle is an amalgam of steampunk and magic, an actual castle on four legs, puffing along with smoke and steam and it wanders through the countryside. The story follows a young woman named Sophie, who is cursed by a witch to be an old woman. She leaves home to find a way to undo the curse. Along the way, she makes a new home with the wizard Howl and the eccentric residents of his walking house.

The Deal

I’m trying to keep this article as spoiler free as possible, and will just state yet again that I loved this movie. It was gorgeously animated, and I listened to the dubbed version, which had Christian Bale as the voice for Howl. I thought the voices were great, especially the spot-on casting of Billy Crystal as an adorable fire demon.

Aw, Calcifer is adorable!

I don’t think I could recommend Howl’s Moving Castle enough.

Next up is Before Sunrise! I am definitely in the mood for this type of movie.

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