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The 52-Movie Challenge

Week 04: January 22-28

Trying to get back on schedule here. Also, thinking about life and stuff. What better movie than one that centers on two people’s nearly day-long conversation about life and stuff?

The Film

Before Sunrise is about two strangers, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, that meet on a train, who have along, in-depth, and honest conversations throughout a day in Vienna. They fall in love, but the love is also bitter-sweet, because they don’t think they’ll ever see each other again.

Is there any more story to it than this? Nope, and that is excellent news because all you want to do is get to know the two characters, Jesse and Celine, in more and more detail. They are fascinating people, and the dialogue is word for word how I articulate I wish I could be half the time when interacting not only with everyday people, but with friends and loved ones. Not to mention women I would like to impress.

This was an awesome film! Yes, I am the guy that loves super-hero flicks, and explosions, but I am also the guy that loves every scene in the Avengers movies where the heroes just sit around and talk for a bit. (Look no further than my love for the scene where everybody tries to lift Mjolnir). Before Sunrise is a master work of storytelling, directing, writing, and acting. Its so good at what it does, that it makes quiet, character pieces seem easy to make.

They are not.
There are three moments that made me love this flick. One was in a record store, where Jesse and Celine are listening a record together. The scene is pretty quiet, but it is shouting subtext and human need.

No words spoken, but I’m pretty sure I heard “I LIKE YOUR FACE!!” being screamed.

The second one was a hypothetical phone call where Jesse and Celine explain how they met each other. It just happened in the movie, but the viewpoint and recap take on a whole new depth. As a viewer, we are both an observer, confidant, and cheering section for them, and felt like a special moment.

Before cell phones, we had to make our own fun.

The last moment was a line that Celine said about God that I won’t spoil here, but spoke to me in very profound way.

Not to confused with this line, but its also very true.

The Deal

Well clearly, any movie that can speak to me in a profound way did an excellent job. I really, really loved this movie. Before Sunrise is part one of a three movie series, at least as of now. Before Sunset and Before Midnight came out at later points, and I’ve heard they are also great. The director, Richard Linklater, also directed another favorite movie of mine named Boyhood, and after seeing Before Sunrise, I can see where those skills were getting sharpened. Watch this movie!

Thanks for reading! The next movie I’m going to watch is The Last King, and it has vikings fighting a bunch of dudes, so it will easily be as sweet as Before Sunrise, I’m sure of it.

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