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Did you know that your average smart phone has more computational power than the combined strength of all the 1960’s computers that got America to the moon? All that power and information. All that raw potential just sitting… WAITING… for you to choose which podcasts you want to listen to.

I know, its a heavy burden.

Lucky for you, I’ve taken all that pesky “deciding for myself” hooplah and will throw seven podcasts at you that you should be already downloading.


1. The Nerdist

The brainchild of Chris Hardwick, with excellent comedic backup by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. The Nerdist has grown into quite the powerhouse of nerd culture and interviews. Seriously, Hardwick has accomplished nearly every geek goal you could make up. Interviewed Nathan Fillion? CHECK. Actual friends with every cast member of Doctor Who? CHECK. Dating a hot cosplayer girl? CHECK. Went bowling with the cast of Breaking Bad? CHECK. Sang a duet with Tom Cruise? CHECK. I could go on and on, but just listen to the show and partake of the geek charm and hilarity.


2. Fatman on Batman (SMODcast Network)

I already mentioned this podcast way back in my first GUARDicle, but I think its worth mentioning again because Kevin Smith is going to be interviewing Grant Morrison once more, and very soon! Smith loves Batman with a fanboy’s enthusiasm. And he knows not only HOW to get the interviews, but with WHOM to interview. Grant Morrison’s was an excellent episodes, but Mark Hamill was equally great. And Paul Dini. And Bruce Timm. And ANYWAYS JUST LISTEN TO THE SHOW.


3. Radio Lab

I think everyone and their mom has heard of This America Life at some point. Or NPR. Or “that super liberal radio show”. Its possible that you haven’t heard of Radio Lab. And that’s a shame, because this show is awesome. With the use of incredible audio editing, mixing, and looping by co-host Jad Abumrad, and the sheer amount of experience other co-host Robert Krulwich brings to the table, the stories are downright magical. And what they usually talk about is the scientific explanation of concepts and ideas you take for granted. They use stories, sharp editing, and spot on analogies to delve into things like “Why we sleep.” (Seriously, just listen to the episode about “Lies” be blown away).


4. Fanboy Radio

Okay, this show is for comic nerds. Seriously, if you haven’t been a hardcore fan for at least a year, half of who they interview or what they talk about on the show is of little consequence to you. But for fanboys like me, this is one hell of an impressive show. They’ve interviewed some of my personal favorite creators (like Chynna Clusgston-Flores and Mark Waid), to some of the biggest names in comics. They interviewed Alan Moore, for crying out loud. And believe me, Moore may look like a scary pagan god from beyond, but he sounds like an English teacher (with a voice on par with Patrick Stewart).


5. We’re Alive

This one is different in that its a Radio Drama. A “Podcast Drama” if you will… about zombies. Its going to be starting up its 4th season on August 26th, and its been an amazing ride so far. Excellent voice acting, top notch writing, awesome sound editing, and every episode is free. And for all you like me that live in and around Orange County in California, its set in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas, because guess what? ITS MADE HERE TOO. But either if you live here or don’t, its a great story, so get to listening!


6. Nerd’s Eye View (The Benview Network)

They recently hit their 155th episode (such diligence!), and going on strong. They talk about many geeky things with geeky intensity with main host Andrew Linde, and ne’er-do-wells Matthew Esposito and Jordan Scott. The‏ir main focus is usually movies: in theater, out of theater, and on blu-ray/DVD.   Also, Nerd’s Eye View is one of seven other podcasts, as part of the Benview Network.  Check out their other shows!  *EASTER EGG!* I’ve actually guest-starred in 2 episodes of Nerd’s Eye View!


7. Rational Ruckus

Fellow Agent Aaron has had the honor of being the first guest on Rational Ruckus, and even interviewed one of the co-hosts, Jamal Almustapha. But since then, Rational Ruckus has gone on to interview FIVE more people! I even had the pleasure to be the fifth interview for their 17th episode, and we talked about civility, theater people, high school beards, and defacing butter sculptures.  But the best part of this show is Jamal Almustapha’s rants, and Mansur Syed’s calm interpretations of said rants.

Well there you go, gentle readers! Please enjoy this list of podcasts and let me know if you’d ever like some more suggestions for your entertainment download.

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