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Deadpool Test Footage

Would you believe the most talked about footage that came out this San Diego Comic Con weekend wasn’t something that was screened at  Hall H, but was a shaky cam bootleg that mysteriously popped up online?

It would be a surprise….until you found out that it was for the still in development Deadpool movie.

Like I said, the footage popped up this weekend mysteriously. I have no idea who posted it and how they saw.

And even more interestingly enough, an HD version of the footage has gotten online and you can watch it below and FINALLY be able to see it clearly. (so watch it before it goes.)

UPDATED 7/30/2014: And it’s gone! I’m sorry folks!

I have several questions about this.

Is this legit? Watching the bootleg version first I can tell that Deadpool was all CGI, but now watching the full HD version it’s obvious that the WHOLE thing is CGI. It’s good CGI work (that’s for sure) but how do we know for sure this isn’t fan made with a Ryan Reynolds sound alike? I’ve seen plenty of GREAT CGI fan films that can get to the level of quality of this video.

Now, to be fair, the director who is assigned to the flick (Tim Miller) is the co-founder of Blur Studios animation. It’s makes a ton of sense for his test footage for the flick to be an all CGI concept piece (maybe even using his people at Blur Studios to do the animation)

So why the leak? Hell, why the TWO leaks? It is possible for Fox to “leak” the footage out to gauge the interest of a Deadpool movie?

I don’t believe in fake “leaks” personally. Why would a major studio want the public’s first look at their next film be a demo reel?

That being said, if Fox films is still asking the questoin “Is there a demand for a Deadpool movie?” then the answer is a giant DUH. If I know anything about fandom right now….is that the Merc with the Mouth is popular.

Like…ridiculously popular.

This is just a SMALL amount of Deadpool cosplayers at this years San Diego Comic Con.
This is just a SMALL amount of Deadpool cosplayers at this years San Diego Comic Con.

Deadpool fans are growing, and I think it’s basically printing money if Fox committed to making a Deadpool movie JUST LIKE the test footage.

If that test footage is in fact THE product of director Tim Miller, then they nailed it.It’s also been a LONG time since Ryan Reynolds got to flex his crazy good comedy skills, and  think it will be a treat to see him let loose like that for a role that he is CLEARLY perfect for.

So Fox, listen to the fans. Make this flick, it would be the easiest money you could make.


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