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New movies are coming out this week, but I’m so tired from the craziness/awesomeness of San Diego Comic Con, I don’t really have the energy to write my usual Looking Ahead.

I also know the truth.

Listen, other movies are coming out, but I know for a fact that you only care about Guardians of the Galaxy

I could write about how cool this art house film actually looks…..


I think that looks great. I love Breand Gleeson. He’s an amazing actor with an on screen presences like no other.  I never saw The Guard, but the reputation on that movie has been solid. And hell, the premise alone (a priest getting ready to fight) is amazing.

But you only want to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

There’s also this fun looking James Brown bio-pic……

Get on Up

Yeah, it seems a bit by the numbers. I personally am not a fan of biography movies, simply because most of the time, theses movies feels like your reading a cliff notes version of someones life. But, Chadwick Boesman was great in another biography movie (42, a movie that was enjoyable but still has the same problems that I have with bio pics) and he seems to be having a ball playing James Brown, so this could be fun.

BUT….I know you rather watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

So fine, lets just all admit that’s the movie you’re most excited about. Hell, I already wrote two articles about it. What more can I say? I’m not gonna even bother trying to convince you. You’re mind has already been made up.

We’re watching this movie first.


The reviews have been great. The footage looks fantastic. The humor has been dead on. The characters look alive, unique and fun.

I’m so tired. So very very tired. I’ll be back later this week, with more proper write ups about San Diego Comic Con.

But right now, I’m gonna to sleep.

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